State wants more information, says Inergy's draft is 'inadequate'

May 03, 2011 at 03:41 pm by Observer-Review


State wants more information, says Inergy's draft is 'inadequate'

AVON—The state Department of Environmental Conservation has labeled “inadequate,” the draft environmental impact statement submitted by Inergy Corporation for its proposed salt-cavern liquid propane storage facility north of Watkins Glen.
In a seven-page letter to Inergy April 28, the DEC asked for more information about possible accidents and responses, noise from trains, trucks and compressors—and a proposed 14-acre, 91-million gallon brine pond.
“DEC staff recommend that consideration of two (or more) smaller...ponds in different locations be considered in the analysis,” the letter says.
The letter also asks questions about monitoring the brine pond “to detect leaks...into the environment.” The DEC also wants Inergy to provide specifics about how salty the pond water will be.
On noise, “the sound analysis is inadequate,” the letter says, because it needs to consider nighttime noise levels, not just daytime levels. Inergy also needs to offer evidence that train noise will not be a problem and provide a “post-construction noise monitoring plan.”
In the public safety section, Inergy will be required to look at accidents, “including surface and subsurface blowouts, accidents involved truck and train transport of LPG, and capabilities of local first responders...”
Inergy’s application is incomplete until it responds to DEC. When it does, DEC will have 30 days to consider the revised EIS.

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