Watkins redesigns water intake plant

Jul 12, 2011 at 02:20 pm by Observer-Review


Watkins redesigns water intake plant

    WATKINS GLEN—The Watkins Glen village is redesigning the proposed raw water intake plant so that the project can be completed within the budgeted amount.
    The village board met Tuesday, July 5, to specifically address the construction bids received in June. Mayor Mark Swinnerton said all of the bids were over budget by a total of $300,000 so the board rejected them. He said the village then decided to redesign the new plant so it would be under the $1.2 million amount allocated for the project.
    Swinnerton said the new building will be a “pre-cut” structure with a simpler design. He said he and board member Scott Gibson toured water pump stations in Ithaca the last Thursday in June to see what the village needs.
    Hunt Engineers is currently working on the new plans. Swinnerton said the planning board will get the renderings as soon they are done. The Watkins Glen planning board had previously approved the new raw water intake plant, but will have to do so again. Watkins would then also need to ask for another round of bids.
    The Watkins village budgeted $1.8 million on the total project to build a new intake place on Salt Point Road, next to the current facility. Upgrades to the plant would include adding a second pipe out into the lake, costing $600,000. Swinnerton previously explained the village sold the existing plant to developers. The plan is to turn the site into Magee Point Landing which features a restaurant and apartments.







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