Jerusalem files suit against Penn Yan

May 21, 2009 at 01:01 pm by Observer-Review


Jerusalem files suit against Penn Yan

PENN YAN—The village of Penn Yan has received a Notice of Claim that they are being sued by the town of Jerusalem for a $350,000 sewer overcharge. In February, the village sued Jerusalem for payment that had been withheld by the town. As yet there has been no decision on that lawsuit.
Contacted by phone, Jerusalem supervisor Daryl Jones said, “It tells what we feel the contract reads. We feel we were overcharged.” Asked why the claim is being filed now, Jones said, “We feel the percentage we are paying is more than we should pay.”
The village has had challenges with their 25-year-old wastewater treatment plant which has ongoing repair and upgrade issues. One of the continuing issues that plagues the plant on the east side of the village is removal of substances that are not intended to be processed at the plant, such as rags and grease. The treatment plant processes more than a million gallons every day.
Water and sewer districts in towns surrounding the village of Penn Yan have been built during the past decade. The village has supplied water to the village of Dresden for many years.



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