Jerusalem ponders address problem

May 27, 2009 at 08:37 am by Observer-Review


Jerusalem ponders address problem

JERUSALEM—It’s been a long trip, but a public hearing May 20 may have been the second from the last leg of a journey with a destination of better addresses in the town.
During a public hearing scheduled at the monthly meeting of the town board, organizer Bob Johnson outlined proposed changes that would remedy addressing problems, particularly on the section of Route 54A that is the main corridor through the town. Johnson said the goal of the group was to have every property within the town identified by a unique address and keep changes as simple as possible.
Johnson said the biggest problem is the state route, due to a lack of uniformity in addresses. He said, “Route 54A does not work for local addressing.” Guidelines as presented would call Route 54A from Penn Yan to the Four Corners in Branchport the Penn Yan/Branchport Road. Route 54A turns south at the four corners and the proposed name for this section is Branchport West Lake Road. A four digit number is proposed for addresses, eliminating duplicate numbers. Johnson said one goal is to keep changes as simple as possible. He said the town would have unique addresses for all properties and an addressing system that works for all.
During the hearing, resident Bill Wolfe said he strongly supports a unique number system, calling it critical to the area. Resident Wayne Ackart said, “I’m not sure what road I live on any more. I’d be glad to see a four digit number. The amount of work that has gone into this project is Herculean. There are so many benefits to this.”
The majority of comments were in favor of the proposed changes. Councilman Ray Stewart said no vote would be taken during the board meeting after the public hearing, but it is expected the proposal will be brought up at the June meeting for a decision by the town board. If the board adopts the proposal, it would become part of local code.
The entire proposal is on the town Web site.


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