Branchport meeting covers drilling, protests

Aug 03, 2010 at 03:33 pm by Observer-Review


Branchport meeting covers drilling, protests

BRANCHPORT—On Saturday, July 31, some 150 people stopped by Hunt Country Vineyards to view the documentary “All Fracked Up” and to hear speakers about Marcellus Shale drilling.
The “Marcellus Shale Summit” was organized by Jeff and Jodi Andrysick, who filmed the satirical documentary, “All Fracked Up,” shown five times Saturday. The day also featured guest speakers Spike Jones, Joseph Heath and Dave Walczak.
Jodi explained the two organized the summit, “to get people to show up en mass so politicians can see we don’t want hydrofracking here.”
The first speaker was Jones. He held a Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Toolbox Workshop. Jodi explained he was part of the nonviolent protesting that stopped a nuclear waste dump from coming to Allegany County 20 years ago.
Walczak showed photos he has taken down in Pennsylvania of the negative impacts of Marcellus Shale drilling. Craig and Julie Sautner, Dimock, Pa. residents, were supposed to speak about the drilling, including how it contaminated their water well. However, Jodi explained there was an emergency and the couple were unable to participate, so Walczak was approached instead.
The final speaker of the event was Heath, general counsel for the Onondaga Nation. He said that the nation is against Marcellus Shale drilling, and want him to speak out against it. Heath is also in the film, “All Fracked Up.” He spoke not only about Marcellus, but Utica Shale.
“We’re the number one target in the country (to drill for Marcellus Shale) because of the size,” he said.
However, he added there are other layers of shale in the Earth, like Utica Shale. Heath explained that Utica is 2,000 to 4,000 feet deeper than Marcellus shale, but covers almost two-thirds of the state.
Heath also talked about the chemicals in the fracking fluid. He said many of them are dangerous, and harmful to people and nature. Heath added that is one of the reasons the Onondaga Nation is against drilling. He said the over 500 chemicals used includes, diesel, benzene and formaldehyde.







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