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Schuyler County deed transfers for June

    SCHUYLER COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Schuyler County Clerk’s office in June 2011 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Virginia M. Osborne to Steven Bannister, 215 Main St., Odessa, $135,000.
Mary E. Bianco to Diane C. Johnson, Holly D. Weed and Jesse J. Johnson, Reading, $0.
Edward B. Chapman and Katherine C. Drake to Gary and Meg Gaige, Chapman Road, Hector, $6,500.
Kathy Suzanna Petter and Doug Thayer to Llanya and Liam O’Kane, Watkins Glen, $178,000.
Betty J. Vinti to John D. and Mary F. Cook, 102 Grandview Ave., Watkins Glen, $165,000.
Becky Ann Aldrich to Michael E. and Donna D. Lucent, 4505 New York State Route 14, Rock Stream, $70,000.
Thomas M. and Marilyn F. Ryan to Benjamin J. and Marian S. Saks, Hector, $225,000.
John R. McGlenn to the Estate of Stanley E. Flynn, Tyrone, $41,500.
Warren S. Kendall to William J. Field, Watkins Glen, $85,000.
Bryan H. Matthews to Donna Lucent, 4489 State Route 14, Reading, $52,000.
Edward J. and Glenna R. Berry to Richard G. Greenberger, 3325 County Road 7, Hector, $150,000.
Gary R. Kelly to Jessica M. Saks, Reading, $200,500.
Scott A. and Maria L. Eaton to Clayton E. and Nikole A. Grover, Catharine, $125,000.
William H. and Carol Peters to Roy and Kimberly Cummings, Hector, $540,000.
David and Dorothy Asbury to Brian Bockelkamp, 2622 Irelandville Road, Reading, $108,000.
Benjamin E. and Emily J. Thomas to David A. Eldridge, 5880 Seneca Road, Trumansburg, $15,000.
William H. and Rebecca L. Hall to Gary L. Sutton, Montour Falls, $80,000.
James A. Personius to Lawrence E. Majors Jr. and Rebecca L. Majors, 1285 County Road 18, Dix, $111,000.
Solid Rock Youth Ministries, Inc. to David L. Sidle II and Sharon L. Sidle, 105 E. Main St., Odessa, $25,000.
Smithtown Brokerage LLC to Elektra Gaebelein, 210 Steuben St., Montour Falls, $242,000.
John W. Benedict to David L. and Dorothy Asbury, Watkins Glen, $143,000.
David A. Louch to Edward J. McManus and Bonnie J. Larson, Dix, $164,000.
Abraham S. and Carla R. Visscher to William H. Willock, Montour, $80,000.
John E. Benjamin to Daniel R. and Kelly A. Massengale, Hector, $210,000.
Terry L. and Lisa M. Parish to Joseph A. and Joy C. Crane, Watkins Glen, $45,000.
Green Tree Servicing, LLC, to Melodie Hammond and Kevin Banks, Hector, $57,000.
Mildred Ebner to Leann Skoczylas and Dianne M. Adams, 4290 County Road 29, Reading, $82,000.
Carl F. and Lois J. Scott to Carla R. Visscher, Montour Falls, $113,000.
Joseph G. Fazzary and Michele F. Carufe to Roy A. and S. Lorraine Hallenbeck, Dix, $88,000.
The County of Schuyler to Craig E. and Denice L. Hines, 2236 Hornby Road, Dix, $6,500.
The County of Schuyler to Wayne A. and Ardeen Nyre, 409 Madison Ave., Dix, $5,000.
The County of Schuyler to Harold and Wilma Russell, 1550 Russel Road, Dix, $3,500.
The County of Schuyler to S.S. Country Stores Limited, 1596 New York State Route 414, Dix, $7,000.
The County of Schuyler to Susan M. Sirrine, 5807 Sirrine Road, Hector, $7,000.
The County of Schuyler to Barbara Jakob, 335 S. Genessee St., Montour Falls, $10.
The County of Schuyler to Audrey Byers and Frank and Anna Stanko, 2771 Locust Lane, Watkins Glen, $4,500.
The County of Schuyler to Thomas and Lucille Cornish, 4944 County Road 26, Tyrone, $3,500.
The County of Schuyler to Joy E. Goodsell, 707 Ardrey Road, Tyrone, $8,000.
The County of Schuyler to Thomas P. Morgan, 2581 Texas Hollow Road, Catharine, $11,500.
The County of Schuyler to Richard and Tammy Barrett, 3736 Main St., Hector, $11,000.
The County of Schuyler to Paul Jayne, 4995 Voorheis Road, Hector, $6,000.
The County of Schuyler to Patrick Blauvelt and Shannon Hines, 2434 County Road 23, Reading, $10,500.
The County of Schuyler to Brian and Mary Ellen Croft, 4011 New York State Route 14A, Reading, $13,500.
The County of Schuyler to James Englert, 707 Ardrey Road, Tyrone, $57,000.
The County of Schuyler to David M. Sisson, County Road 23, Tyrone, $3,000.
Barbara H. Coats to Philip J. and Jamie L. Smith, North Mulberry Street, $73,000.
Mark A. Grizenko to Stephanie M. Rappleye, 502 Speedway, Odessa, $81,000.
Joy E. Goodsell to Daniel Eaton, Tyrone, $0.
Joy E. Goodsell to Peter W. Stockman Jr. and Sharon A. Stockman, Orange, $9,000.
Joy E. Goodsell to John Lopez, Orange, $5,000.
Joy E. Goodsell to Jel Getting Ahead LLC, Orange, $14,000.
Susan C. Budney to Angela Bond, Hector, $113,000.
Adam L. Just to Julie Hoyt, 5039 New York State Route 227, Burdett, $30,000.
Judith Hatsell to Earle E. Ferris Jr. and Linda L. Ferris, 3626 New York State Route 329, Watkins Glen, $180,000.
Wayne A. and Jacqueline L. Cosh to Kirk N. and Kimberly N. Smith, 2699 Beaver Dams-Moreland Road, Beaver Dams, $143,000.
Wayne A. Nyre to Michael Nyre, Watkins Glen, $30,000.
David E. Little Sr. to Richard Little, Tyrone, $5,000.
William E. and Sara B. Rosplock to William J. Deming and Ronald J. McGhie, Tyrone, $90,000.
Dean H. and Vicki L. Flynn to Troy E. Teeter, Tyrone, $5,000.
John Smith and Edward J. Hobbie to Robert Mahoney, Watkins Glen, $0.




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