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Yates County deed transfers for May

    YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office for May 2011 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
    Mary Hines to Rodney Hines, 34 Union St., Dundee, Starkey, $0.
    Gary L. and Nancy Houghtling to Gary & Nancy’s Land Management, Inc., Middlesex, $0.
    Elaine Foy and Richard Klepacz to Richard Klepacz, 5063 Italy Vallley Road, Middlesex, $0.
    Helen Sherin Duffy to Karen Duffy-Durin, Sturdevant Road, Barrington, $0.
    Craig S. Hoffman to Burnell W. and Minerva R. Reiff, County Line Road, Middlesex, $250,000.
    Edward C. and Marcia E. Smith to Edward & Marcia Smith Income Trust, Christopher M. and Scott Smith, tr., 1010 East Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $0.
    Cheryll J. Holden to Carol A. Stenzel, Green Street, Rushville, $50,500.
    Peggy Ann McIntyre and John Seeley Nielsen to Jeremy J. Nielsen, Liberty Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
    Gerald A. and Jamie L. Vargeson to Danielle and John W. Sigmon, Dunn-Pulver Crossroad, Italy, $16,000.
    Donald Marks to Jason A. Marks, Campbelll Road, Potter, $0.
    Ada S. and Mahlon Z. Horning to Glen B. and Lisa M. Horning, Potter, $350,000.
    Kenneth J. and Vivian K. Riehl to Beverly A. and Lee J. Cook, Chubb Hollow Road, Barrington, $165,000.
    Sharon A. Myrick and Barbara J. Young to Brandon Z. Bedient, 22 Gilbert St., Rushville, Potter, $67,900.
    Kathy J. and Paul E. Donaldson to Donaldson Family Wealth Trust, Paul E. Donaldson, tr., 7 Serenity Place, Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
    June S. Beauchamp Management Trust, June S. Beauchamp, tr. to James W. Beauchamp, 3891 West Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $0.
    Barry D. Disbrow to Chris A. Peterson, 1944 State Route 54, Benton, $170,000.
    Stanley R. Wilcox Estate and John C. Cronin, Dolores A. Wilcox, ex. to Carroll D. and Kathleen H. Graves, Himrod Road, Milo, $0.
    Carroll D. and Kathleen H. Graves to Alta B. and Ira N. Hoover, Himrod Road, Milo, $150,000.
    Scott A. and Lindsay M. Butler to Johannah B. and Preston P. Reynolds, Seneca Street, Dresden, Torrey, $98,000.
    Melvin Hoover to Esther S. and Melvin M. Hoover, County House Road, Jerusalem, $0.
    Country Road Realty LLC to Julie M. Hallett, 1250 Phelps Road, Potter, $0.
    Country Road Realty LLC to Julie M. Hallett, 4587 State Route 364, Potter, $0.
    Karen L. and Paul A. Brown to Kenneth J. and Vivian K. Riehl, Pre Emption Road, Starkey, $270,000.
    Ronald Wagner to John E. and Judith Hull Bricklemyer, Starkey Point Road, Starkey, $37,500.
    William R. Cloyd to Debbie A. Daniels, Weatherby Road, Italy, $0. Correction warranty deed.
    Donald G. Green to Howard L. and Sue K. Weiner, 412 East Lake Road, Milo, $232,000.
    Chris A. Serefine Estate, Pamela A. Snyder ex. to Pamela A. Snyder, 3658 Willett Road, Jerusalem, $0.
    Audrey K. Mitchell to Kimberly Brucz, 73 West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $113,000.
    Patricia M. Latchaw, John R. Latchaw ind. POA to Casey J. Kowalski, South Avenue, Milo, $290,000.
    Ethel N. and John I. Burkholder to Michael M. and Sarah Z. Burkholder, 1487 Milo Center Road, Milo, $455,000.
    Lloyd W. Peele Trust, Kenneth R. Peele and Jennifer A. Peele Birosh tr. to Naaman R. Faus, Rock Stream Road, Starkey, $90,350.
    Bernard L. and Carol J. Kline to Jagadeesh and Roopa J. Hathwar, Starkey, $385,000.
    Austin C. and Vivian G. Cooley to Thomas G. MacAllister, Italy Valley Turnpike, Italy, $36,000.
    E. Robert Castner Estate, Bernard R. Castner adm. to Amber L. and Erin S. Brady, 177 Cornwell St., Penn Yan, Milo, $134,000.
    Lynn E., Marjorie L. and Michael L. Klotz to David and Lori Rusin, Middlesex, $545,000.
    Doris H. Hunt to Christine M. and Eugene H. Hunt, Esperanza Road, Jerusalem, $324,000.
    Jeffrey L. Abbott Trust, Jeffrey L. Abbott ind. tr. to Joseph W. Reed, Old State Road, Benton, $25,000.
    Stella M. Kellow Estate, Kathleen K. Barbagallo, Mary K. Viola and Jennifer Kellow; Suzanne K. Portfolio and Joanne Rakov ind. ex. to Joseph W. Reed, Old State Road, Benton, $25,000.
    Susan T. and Jack H. Mathers Jr. to Julian and Maggie K. Dalton, East Lake Road, Milo, $285,000.
    Judith M. Ebert to Robert D. and Wendy Greenslade, South Glenora Road, Starkey, $375,000.
    Norris F. Crane, Mary Ann Bauer, ex. to Robert L. Mitch, Route 245, Middlesex, $40,000.
    Jacob Provoost Mayo to Jason P. and Richard P. Sapp, Havens Corners Road, Benton, $17,000.
    Jacob Provoost Mayo to Jacob and Peggy L. Provoost, Havens Corners Road, Benton, $0.
    Michael G. Bates to Jennifer L. Bates, Italy Friend Road, Jerusalem, $0.
    Caroline M. Fuller to Caroline M. Fuller Trust, Caroline M. Fuller, tr., 446 and 446A East Lake Road, Milo, $0.
    Ruth Knapton to Patricia Cornette, 3660 Himrod-Lakemont Road, Milo, $0. Correction deed.
    Patricia Cornette to Matthew Z. Martin, 3660 Lakemont-Himrod Road, Milo, $29,000.
    Floyd D. Lane to Floyd D. and Dale A. Lane, Lake Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
    Sec’y of HUD to Andrew Semel-Defeo, 1253 Main St., Middlesex, $26,650.
    Laura L. Crans to Crans Family Trust, Robert C. Foster and Robert L. Wager, Lincoln Avenue, Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
    Harold A. and Gretchen Updyke Kesel to Gretchen Kesel, 4058 Squaw Point Road, Starkey, $0.
    Elizabeth M. Dann to Chulene and Donald P. Lando, Dutch Street, Barrington, $46,500.
    Andrea K. and John M. Pratt to County of Ontario, Conklin Road, Italy, $170,000.
    Carrie Wheeler to Carrie B. and Daniel P. Wheeler, Ayers Road, Jerusalem, $0.
    Anthony G. and Wendy L. Andolina to Samanatha E. Warren, Hamilton Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $80,852.
    David J. Wegman to Parkland Estates of Penn Yan LLC, Part of 313 Hamilton St., Penn Yan, Benton, $0.
    Parkland Estates of Penn Yan LLC to Parkland Estates Homeowners Association, Inc., Part of 313 Hamilton St., Penn Yan, Benton, $0.
    Parkland Estates of Penn Yan LLC to Parkland Estates Homeowners Asociation, Inc. Part of 313 Hamilton St., Penn Yan, Benton, $0.
    Pamela J. and Timothy J. Donnells to Laine R. Gillette, Benham Strteet, Penn Yan, $81,500.
    Cynthia Ann Cleaver and Donald Gregory Silvernail to Pamela J. and Timothy J. Donnells, Grant Avenue, Benton, $105,000.
    Gloria M. Bell to Ronald T. Bell Jr., Sid White Road, Jerusalem, $35,000.
    Richard and Barbara Clark Trust, Barbara J. and Richard Alan Clark, co. tr. to Stylon Properties LLC, Lakeview Road, Starkey, $100,000.
    Christine C. and Colby J. Petersen to Colby J. Petersen, Leach Road, Torrey, $0
    Jeffrey S. and Laura A. Silver to Daed Ponderosa, Inv. Log Cabin Road, Torrey, $125,000.
    Linda A. and Richard A. Potter to Potter Living Trust, Linda and Richard Potter tr., State Route 54, Milo, $0.




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