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Yates County deed transfers Oct. to Nov.

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between Oct. 21 to Nov. 4, 2008 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
David R. Stettner and Grace A. Lawler to Ecogen Wind LLC, 1260-1320 Burke Hill Road, Italy, $87,500.
David F. and Joan M. Lawler to Ecogen Wind LLC, 1322-1370 Burke Hill Road, Italy, $63,000.
Robert Coe, Thomas Irland and Thomas Sawyer to Ecogen Wind LLC, 3175 Emerson Road, Italy, $45,000.
Carol Kyer to Knapp and Schlappi Lumber Co., Inc., 114 Hicks St., Milo, $50,000.
Daniel S. and Roberta A. Thayer to Sylvia S. Thayer, Jerusalem, $0.
Hansen Farms LLC to Hansen Land Holdings LLC, 3700 Ferguson Corners Road, Potter, $0.
Jon F. and Sarah J. Hestley to Sarah J. Hestley Trust, Barrington, $0.
Albertina O. and Carl R. Bender to Ann and Jeffrey L. Lieberman, 975 E. Lake Road, Barrington, $675,000.
Barbara Mortensen, Karl Mortensen ind. POA A17 to Barbara and Karl Mortensen, Darby’s Corners Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Carolyn R. and Richard E. Clouser to Killkare Property Trust, Carolyn R. and Richard E. Clouser co. tr., 968 E. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $0.
James E. Wilson Living Trust to James E. Wilson Trust, Jeanette Frank tr., 3073 Roenke Road, Milo, $0.
Robert G. Buono to Paul W. Jayne, 19 Union St., Starkey, $56,198.
Paul W. Jayne to Borys and Karissa Polon, 19 Union St., Starkey, $65,000.
Sandra C. and Thomas N. Hansen to David M. Love and Elaine S. Verstrate, Spike Road, Middlesex, $40,000.
William J. Harford to Rebecca K. Harford, Williams Street, Middlesex, $70,000.
Jean M. O’Neill to Jean M. and Paul D. O’Neill, Milo, $0.
Donnal L. and Henry G. Deppert to Barbara S. and Jeffrey Frank, 5593 and 5585 Highlands Drive, Italy, $170,000.
Charles R. and Shirley E. Weaver to Gary E. Lilyea, 1144 PreEmption Road, Benton, $15,000.
Cheryl R. and Otis W. Hobbs to Boots A. and Tiffany M. Sorgen, Brown Street, Milo, $100,000.
Pamela and Timothy L. Hicks, Douglas E. Rowe esq. ref., to HSBC Bank USA Na. Tr., Wells Fargo Home Mtg. Trust, 327 Keuka St., Milo, $67,200.
Bonnie R. McTamney to Lynn H. Ossont, 533 Hayes Road, Starkey, $0.
Bernice A. and Burton E. Fingar to Tamara K. Boulter, Barry M. and Jeffrey M. Fingar and Kimberly A. Soares, South Avenue, Milo, $0.
Sandra Hullings to George W. and Georgetta J. Burnett, East Valley Road, Jerusalem, $110,000.
Danny J. Baxter to David and Patricia Criss, Stiles Road, Benton, $10,000.
Yates County to Judith and Robert Palmateer, Middlesex, $1,250.
Douglas D. Della Pietra, Michael A. Mayer, Timothy L. Niven and Robert J. Schrader to David J. and Patricia B. Hanlon, 4261 Parrish Hill Road, Italy, $162,000.
David L. Reeve to John S. and Rebecca S. Thompson, Franklin Street, Starkey, $43,000.
Lynn H. Ossont to Bonnie R. McTamney and Lynn H. Ossont, Hayes Road, Starkey, $0.
Richard A. Alderman and Bette J. Smolos to Sandra K. Hullings, 161 South Ave., Milo, $147,000.
Robert J. Clark to Casey L. and John W. Busch, 2547 Flynn Road, Torrey, $68,000.
Linda and Perry Jacobstein to Linda Jacobstein, Milo Street, Torrey, $0.
Linda and Perry Jacobstein to Linda Jacobstein, 61 Milo St., Torrey, $0.
Robert T. Houle to Keuka Capital, Inc., 70 E. Lake Road, Middlesex, $0.
Richard Rider to Dorothy E. and Richard Rider, 3715 County House Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Sara L. Benson, Mikkel Jenson Estate, Karole A. Jensen ind. adm., to Karole A. Jensen, Benton, $98,700.
Gisela A. and Karl H. Mischke to Lois M. and Richard J. Schmaltz, Perry Point Road, Torrey, $5,000.
HSBC Mtg. Services, Inc. to Daniel S. Zimmerman, Hopeton Road, Torrey, $39,000.
John L. Chauvin to Jeanette P. Chauvin, Putnam Road, Starkey, $0.
Ann T. and Nicholas V. Grittani to Cynthia L. and Thomas J. Vollmer, 2648 Route 54A, Jerusalem, $210,000.
Roy Edward Bell Estate, Frederick and Richard Switzer ex., to Michael A. and Tawny M. Samatulski, 527 Assembly Ave., Jerusalem, $72,000.
Sabato Vuocolo to Carrie S. and Erik M. Falek, Upson Point Road, Starkey, $48,000.
Ora Peacock to Lawrence B. Horning, 128 Seneca St., Milo, $85,000.
Bonnie Jean and Edward J. White to Edward J. and Linda Chamberlain White, 146 Lincoln Ave., Milo, $0.
Patrick J. Mulvaney to Kelly and Richard L. Kennerson Jr., Tinney Road, Jerusalem, $30,000.
Kathleen E. Chapman to Terry A. Savage, Potter, $0.
Elizabeth C. and Robert C. Armstrong to Armstrong Family Wealth Trust, Elizabeth C. and Robert C. Armstrong tr., 400 Elm St., Jerusalem, $0.
Elizabeth C. and Robert C. Armstrong to Armstrong Family Wealth Trust, Elizabeth C. and Robert C. Armstrong tr., 509 Court St., Milo, $0.
Robert Charles Armstrong to Armstrong Family Wealth Trust, Elizabeth C. and Robert C. Armstrong tr., 2958 Baldwin Road, Benton, $0.
Joyce Marie Button to Sara Jane Hunt, Second Milo Road, Milo, $38,100.
Rush H. Cooper Trust, Linda J. Wheeler, ind. tr., to Linda J. and Richard P. Wheeler, Starkey, $0.
Rudy M. and Laura M. Randolph to Lawrence L. Peckham, 79 Old Pines Trail, Jerusalem, $520,000.
Donald O. and Janice B. Newby to Ecogen Wind LLC, Emerson Road, Italy, $60,000.
Elizabeth M. Van Alta to Barbara and Calvin G. French, Barrington, $120,000.
James F. Berry to Scot L. Stowell, Tom Campbell Road, Jerusalem, $40,000.
Joan M. Carpenter to Jayson E. and Jodi M. Hoover, 1625, 1627, 1629 and 1631 Carpenter Lane, Benton, $91,400.
U.S. Marshall Peter A. Lawrence, Tina M. and Benjamin C. VanHousen to Mitchell A. Lehman, 85 Hollister St., Starkey, $26,300.

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