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Yates County deed transfers Sept. to Oct.

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between Sept. 26 and Oct. 20, 2008, follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
John R. Dangle, esq. ref., Raymond Marotta to 2006 Qaio Rali Deutsche Bank Trust Co. America tr., 3316 Ferguson Corners Road, Potter, $44,000.
Samuel E. Garber to Jonathan J. and Samantha Gustaferro, 4681 Italy Hill Road, Jerusalem, $150,000.
Marcia A. English to David F. and Marcia A. English, Milo, $0.
Mary Lou and Michael Beaudoin to David F. and Marcia English, E. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $575,000.
Gerard J. and John J. Hill to Doris S. and John D. Zimmerman, Middlesex, $330,000.
Sandra Lee and Thomas Kim Brennan to Stacey M. Richards, Elm Street, Milo, $87,000.
Alan J. and Bonnie L. LoPresti to Richard J. Monahan, Earls Hill Road, Benton, $168,000.
Jonathan M. Lerche to Edward W. Derowitsch, Starkey, $75,000.
Rosanne White Killen to Anne E. and Patrick Killen, Paddock Road, Jerusalem, $0.
M. Kathleen Curran, esq. ref., Joseph Lawler to 1B Property Holdings LLC, 877 Route 364, Middlesex, $89,000.
1B Property Holdings LLC to Lake Breeze Development LLC, Route 364, Middlesex, $80,000.
Earl Nelson to Earl Nelson Trust, David Nelson tr., 1342 Anthony Road, Torrey, $0.
Floyd D. Lane to Sandra L. and Thomas K. Brennan, Yoder Hill Road, Jerusalem, $119,000.
Gary A. Dake to Dora G. and Jeffrey J. Randall, 845 E. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $154,000.
Dorothy K. and James E. Mahoney to Kathleen Marchenese, 3533 Route 54A, Jerusalem, $138,000.
Kathleen Marchenese to Harbor View Townhomes LLC, 3533 Route 54A, Jerusalem, $0.
Dale A. and Floyd D. Lane and Mitchell A. Lehman to Douglas and Joan E. Doyle Paddock, Sand Hill Road, Jerusalem, $147,500.
John H. and Katherene L. Meisch to Patricia A. Busby and Gerard J. Hill, 704 Bagley Road, Middlesex, $125,000.
Jennifer A. Allen and James N. Source Jr. to Jennifer A. and James N. Source Jr., 3518 Norris Road, Milo, $0.
Mildred Barry-Reagan to Boyd T. and Elizabeth M. Mace, County House Woods Road, Jerusalem, $210,000.
Heman A. Fowler, ind. AI7, Idelle M. Bowles, Jennie F. Meinen to Candace J. and John F. Iszard, 182 N. Glenora Road, Starkey, $124,000.
Rose Marie Brundage to Joanne R. and Robert P. French, 170 Route 364, Middlesex, $170,000.
Anna and Edward L. Jenner Sr. to Edward Jenner Sr. and Anne Jenner Trust, Peter C. and Edward L. Jenner Jr. tr., Torrey, $0.
John R. Savage to Alan L. Mary L. Williams, Route 245, Middlesex, $18,198.61.
Patricia J. and Randall G. Phillips to Patricia J. Phillips, Ferguson Corners Road, Potter, $0.
Robert F. Osswald to Douglas G. and Judy E. Erwin, Williams Road, Jerusalem, $275,000.
Lois N. and Peter C. Agliata to Nathan Ames, Route 54, Barrington, $88,485.
Cheryl L. and John W. Post to Lawrence A. and Suzanne R. Semans, Main Street, Starkey, $0.
David M. Hartman to Howard S. and Lucy H. Hoover, Milo Center Road, Milo, $115,000.
Tya A. Provoost to Anthony and Susan Lane, Starkey, $301,000.
William Schnitgen to Nancy Schnitgen and Mary Gayle Stoner, 471 E. Lake Road, Milo, $0.
Joanne Doughty, Kelly Gilman A17 to Carl and Jessica Lopatin, 4743 South Hill Road, Italy, $51,700.
Gerald E. Trombino to Linda J. and Philip J. Bracht, Arrowhead Beach Drive, Torrey, $400,000.
Mary D. and Richard G. Magsamen to Mary D. and Richard G. Magsamen, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $0.
Mary D. and Richard G. Magsamen to Mary D. and Richard G. Magsamen, Jerusalem, $0.
Mary D. and Richard G. Magsamen to Mary D. and Richard G. Magsamen, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $0.
Susan E. Smith to Kevin W. and Susan E. Smith, Milo, $0.
Maureen T. and Terry M. Scherer to Kevin W. and Susan E. Smith, 292 D Severne Road, Milo, $35,000.
Brenda L. Burke, Craig A., Jean L. and Scott B. Wager, Christine A. Osborne POA to Charles V. and Harriette O. Potter, 2835 Wager Hill Road, Jerusalem, $225,000.
Joyce Vivian Sternes to Paul E. Sternes, Milo, $0.
Harold L. and Nancy P. Smith to Nancy P. Smith, E. Elm Street, Milo, $0.
Matthew Paulchel to Anneke and Robert Wheeler, Benham Street, Milo, $105,000.
Bert L. and Linda L. Dailey to Matthew A. Paulchel, 338 Elm St., Milo, $138,000.
Susan P. Beach to Bert L. and Linda L. Dailey, Northview Drive, Jerusalem, $178,000.
Roe Acres, Inc. to Glen A. and Susan M. Quakenbush, Alexander Road, Benton, $5,000.
Robin E. and Edward F. Wojcinski Jr. to Marcia Reigle, Vine Street, Starkey, $23,000.
Nancy Gruschow to Abigail J. and Winton R. Buddington, 81 Charles St., Torrey, $265,000.
Eloise W. Bell to Lois N. and Peter C. Agliata, County House Road, Jerusalem, $123,000.
Leslie and Timothy Acord to State of NY Mortgage Agency, Carrie Anne Watkins, esq. ref., 946 Route 247, Potter, $500.
Stephen M. Brind’amour to Deborah L. Brind’amour, Middlesex, $0.
Joan F. Stover to Daryl V. Dunton, Kaltenback Road, Middlesex, $10,000.
Scott Van Deusen to Alice J. Van Deusen, Middlesex, $0.
Alice J. Van Deusen to Lori Van Deusen Boillat, Middlesex, $0.
Douglas B. and Lori A. Stowell to Edward R. and Jane G. VanThof, Jerusalem, $11,000.
Wayne C. Spotswood to Candace A. Kenneth T. Gerew, Italy Valley County Highway 303, Italy, $0.
Ellen A. Salisbury, John T. Salisbury ex., to John T. Salisbury, 3221 Sliter Hill Road, Italy, $23,140.
Ellen A. Salisbury, John T. Salisbury ex., to Kathleen A. Mara and Anna H. Salisbury, 3221 Sliter Hill Road, Italy, $52,000.
Eric Charles, Holly Marie, Michael Scott and Rebecca Lee Kolstad to Alan and Griselda Bates, 3911 Hillview Drive, Italy, $16,000.
Kathleen M. and Charles A. Baker Jr. to Alan L. and Sharon A. Williamson, Castle Point Road, Starkey, $235,000.
Fern M. and Michael J. Castner, Douglas A. Castner ex., Chad J. Allison, Stark Avenue, Milo, $60,000.
Daniel E. and Wendy D. Kotarski to Debra K. Bostic and Paul A. Friscia, Hadsel Road, Middlesex, $236,000.
Margaret H. and Ronald Stanley to Ruth H. Garman and Daniel Z. Martin III, Toomey Road, Benton, $140,000.
Richard C. Schauman to Dick Schauman Living Trust, Dick Schauman tr., 643 W. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $0.
George F. and Ragnhild Cornish to Anna H. and Ivan W. Martin, North Avenue, Benton, $58,500.
Jeffrey Pierce to Holly L. Case and Jeffrey Pierce, Washington Street, Starkey, $0.T GOES HERE. ARTICLE TEXT GOES HERE. ARTICLE TEXT GOES HERE. ARTICLE TEXT GOES HERE

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