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Yates deed transfers, Aug. 30 to Sept. 23

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between Aug. 30 to Sept. 23, 2011 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000. of consideration exchanged.
Richard D. Gass to Bertha W. and Noah B. Zimmerman, Hoyt Road, Milo $60,000.
Stephen L. and Wendy Jensen Hill to Julie A. Andersen, 2 Pleasant Ave., Penn Yan, Milo, $73,000.
Dana T. and Mary M. Bunnell, Diana, Kathleen, Raymond and Thomas Minotti to Dana T. and Mary M. Bunnell and Kathleen and Thomas Minotti, 496 East Lake Road, Milo, $67,522.40.
Floyd D. Lane to Ann C. and John L. Schultz, 2419 Country Estates Road, Milo, $55,000.
Matthew K. and Regina L. Lapp to Patricia G. Crooker, Milo Center Road, Milo, $71,900
Audrey Fellows, Raymond S. Nelson ex. to Mahlon J. Esh, 3134 Yoder Hill Road, Jerusalem, $145,000.
Elizabeth and John W. Zimmerman to Allen H. and Eleanor H. Zimmerman, Swamp Road, Torrey, $140,000.
Allen J. and John W. Zimmerman to Elizabeth and John W. Zimmerman, Benton, $0.
Laurie J. Hey to Benjamin B. and Lydia R. Shirk, Pre-Emption Road, Benton, $100,000.
Amber and Ronald Champlin, United States Marshall to Mitchell Lehman, 106 Lincoln Ave., Penn Yan, Milo, $31,200
Wendy J. Dietzel to Mary Howell R. and Klaas U. Martens Jr. 2022 North Ave., Benton, $165,000.
Thomas W. Lipovsky to Judith A. and Thomas W. Lipovsky, 4355 West Sherman Hollow Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Susan D. Sprague to Susan D. and Mark S. Sprague, Kinneys Corners Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Brenda M. and Douglas A. Ingram to Laurie J. Hey, Route 54, Benton, $114,500
Craig H. and Joanne M. Jones to John M. and Mary A. Rogers, 2470 George Fullagar Road, Milo, $229,000.
Christopher C. and Patricia F. Button to Karin E. Ames, East Main Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $93,000.
Maureen S. May to Patty K. and Perry R. Humphrey, West Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $430,000.
Brenda M. and Stuart R. Topley to Lynn E. Simmons, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem. $170,000.
Allan D. Gavette to Tammi M. MacKerchar, 3777 Comstock Road, Jerusalem, $125,000.
Andrea K. and Malcolm Mallett to Clifton E. Chase, Lakemont-Himrod Road, Starkey, $102,000.
Harriet C. Stoe to Marian Z. and Nelson M. Zimmerman, Route 54, Torrey, $130,000.
Mary Rose to Mary Rose Trust UA, Mary Rose tr., Starkey, $0.
Linda P. and Roger Morrison to Jayne M. Linderman, Belknap Hill Road, Jerusalem, $175,000.
Lisa Raner Murdock, Robert C. Foster AIF to Jose P. Gracioso, Baldwin Road, Benton, $115,000.
Janice J. and Wayne A. Christensen to Christina A., Lee M. and Mitchell L. Morehouse, Champlin Road, Jerusalem, $130,000.
Bertha L. Dilts to Terry L. Dilts, 2779 Route 54A, Jerusalem, $10
Sylvia J. DeMay to Daniel T. and Lorraine DeMay, Jerusalem, $0.
Patricia A. Kershner and Peter Ynesta to James A. and Mary C. Sandore, 3531 Hall Road, Milo, $125,000.
Joanna K. Eveland to Lisa Gavigan and Randy S. Howell, Dundee-Himrod Road, Starkey, $130,000.
James H. Hable to Dawn and John B. Bradley, 6095 Italy Valley Road, Naples, Italy, $6,000.
Sistek 1995 Trust, Barbara L. and William R. Sistek tr., to Arthur Neal, David F., George W., Katherine F. and William R. Sistek Jr., Starkey, $0.
Sistek 1995 Trust, Barbara L. and William R. Sistek tr. to Arthur Neal, David F., George W., Katherine F. and William R. Sistek Jr., Starkey, $0.
Steven Wood and Rhonda Fox, Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp, 2399 Havens Corners Road, Benton, $38,000.
William J. Bradley Jr. to William J. Bradley Jr and Leland J. Flint III, Dunn Road, Italy, $0.
R. Mariba M. LaGraff Estate, Philip C. LaGraff ex. to Anita Cheryl Stackhouse, 6045 Kinneys Corners Road, Keuka Park, Jerusalem, $105,000.
Ethel E. and Stephen P. Hampsey to Matthew D. and Ray J. Hamilton, Milo, $0. Correction deed
Matthew D. and Ray J. Hamilton to Josef G. and Shari S. Brodmann, Main Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $110,000.
Elizabeth J. and Stephen R. Catlin to Edna Mae S. and Luke R. Horst, Route 364, Benton, $338,000.
Michael R. Morton to Michael R. Morton Trust, Katherine Habib tr., Jerusalem, $0.
Clarence O. Drake Jr. to Anita J. and Harry W. Stockwell, 5711 East Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $420,000.
Wayne C. Mulley to Mary J. and Todd T. Sotir, Pre-EmptionRoad, Barrington, $28,500
Pauline Peck to Kathleen A. Collins and Michael J. Peck, Milo, $0.
Dean Buczek and Maureen Kuhn to Sara L. Burns and William J. Patrick, Bootes Road, Potter, $132,000.
Michelle L. Erb to James R. Erb, 2878 County House Woods Road, Jerusalem $0.
Carl A. Wright Estate, Carol M. Wright ex. to Carol M. Wright, Italy Friend Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Farash Property Holdings I. LLC to Steven McMichael, Central Ave., Jerusalem, $110,000.
Sue Ann and Wayne R. Warren to Michael and Tracy Mancini, Shay Road, Middlesex, $0.
James F. and Sharon T. Allen to Allen Family Property Income Only Trust, James F. Jr., Jeffrey T. Allen and Jeffrey E. Franklin tr., Wilson Road, Benton, $0.
Sarah J. Todd-Rood to Marshall and Susie Mae Todd, Milo, $0.
Joseph C. and Sandra E. Marino to Ammon M. and Arlene H. Wenger, Porters Corners Road, Barrington, $120,000.
Diane M. and Michael J. DiBitetto to Patrick Manahan and Stephen Steinert, Second Milo Road, Milo, $34,000.
Jane E., L. Donald and Lewis D. Harris to L. Donald Harris Family Trust, Jane E. Harris tr.
L. Donald Harris Family Trust, Jane E. Harris tr. to Arthur and Marion M. Kopec, Fox Hollow Road, Jerusalem, $246,000.
Paul Butler and Charles Warden to Douglas S. F. and Leola Gould, East Sherman Hollow Road, Jerusalem, $12,000.
James L. Elwell to Italy Valley United Methodist Church, County Road 303, Italy, $0.
Italy Valley United Methodist Church to Vane R. Calhoun, 880 Italy Valley Road, Italy, $7,500.
Michelle L. and Steven J. Wright to Christine M. Weiss and Steven J. Wright, Norris Road, Barrington, $0.
Michelle L. and Steven J. Wright to Christine M. Weiss and Steven J. Wright, Norris Road, Barrington, $0.
Paul Butler and Charles Warden to Eli H. Sensenig, East Sherman Hollow Road, Jerusalem, $27,107.52.
Eugene and Linda R. Olmstead to Lawrence and Marie Krause, Starkey, $205,000.
Lavern C. Stiles to Becky L. DeMay, Keuka Park Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Jane R. and John W. Mosser to Dennis and Judith Hart, 3062 West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $229,000.
Carol L. and Roy E. de la Fuente to Marvin H. and Sara Ann Zimmerman, Starkey, $50,000.
Suzanne M. and Thomas R. Pratt Jr. to Mary Ann D’Andrade, Starkey, $64,212.50.
Donald W. and Gloria J. Baker to Benjamin E. Ziarno, Porter’s Corners Road, Barrington, $70,000.
Roger A. Emerson and Carol A. Emerson to Roger A. Emerson and Carol A. Emerson Irrevocabble Living Trust, 863 West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Jeffrey and Krysta Herrick to Melissa M. and Troy C. Duerr, 275 Prattsburgh Road, Italy, $125,900.
Donald A. Schneider to Harvey H. and Minerva S. Leid, Hall Road, Milo, $0.
David L. Harmon to James E. Sawicki, 4245, 4249 Parrish Hill Road, Naples, Italy, $92,253
Sarah-Frank LLC to David L. Genecco Family Wealth Trust, Lake Street, Penn Yan, Milo $0.





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