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Yates deed transfers, Feb. 1 to March 16

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office from Feb. 1 to March 16, 2011 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000. of consideration exchanged.
Joan R. and Jon Mann to James E. and Kathleen L. Root, White Tail Lane, Milo, $150,000.
Matthew Z. Leid to Laura F. and Matthew Z. Leid, 2547 Flynn Road, $0.
Sandra L. Teague to Irene B. and Wilmer N. Zimmerman, Ferguson Corners Road, Benton, $65,000.
Steven Lasher to Carrie L. and Paul M. Hopkins, 5507 Burgess Dr., Naples, Middlesex, $95,900.
Gregory M, John F. and Ruth E. Perry to Brad Champlin, Arrowhead Beach, Torrey, $250,000.
Charles R. Voekel to Steven Lasher, 927 Newell Road, Middlesex, $35,000.
Connie L. and Philip C. Schoonover to Schoonover Living Trust, East Lake Road, Middlesex, $0.
Dale M. and Kelly S. Everetts to Kelly Everetts, Severne Road, Milo, $0.
Daniel W. and Patricia D. Bostwick to Jane E. D. and Robert S. Morello, Milo, $380,000.
Isaac S. and Lena Z. Hurst to Alma Z. and Elam H. Hurst, 3415 Route 364, Potter, $0.
Constance L. Davis and Diane M. Nessle co. tr. and Harrison C. Davis, ind. co. tr. to Harrison C. Davis, Starkey, $0.
Constance Davis, Diane M. Nessle co. tr. and Harrison C. Davis ind. co. tr. to Harrison C. Davis, Torrey, $0.
Richard Ringsmuth Estate, Jeannette R. Ringsmuth adm. to Jeannette R. Ringsmuth, Milo, $0. Correction deed
Gilbert Family LLC. of New York, Barbara A. Kost to Mark L. and Susan E. Nagy, Jerusalem, $160,000.
Robert L. DiSalvio to Lauren L. Francati, Middlesex, $0.
Steward Trust, Kara J. Harbin, Kelly J. Fisher ind. tr. to Eric and Krista Brunner, Ingram Road, Potter, $0.
Gilbert Family LLC, Barbara A. Kost to Kenneth M. Guyett, West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $161,152,
Five Point Development Penn Yan LLC. to ARC  WGPNNY001LLC, Liberty Street, Milo, $4,625,000.
Federal National Mtg Assoc and Rosicki & Associates PC AIF  to Stormy Jones, 28 Gilbert St., Rushville, Potter, $77,000.
Penn Yan Central School District Board of Education to Finger Lakes Cultural and Natural History Museum, Main Street, Branchport, Jerusalem, $200,000.
Twix Pines LLC to Cheryl and Robert Barker, West Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $325,000.
Sec’y of HUD to Kelli H. and Larry C. Parsons, Benton, $40,000.
Stephen J. Weckelman to Leo T. Galletta Jr., 340 East Elm St., Penn Yan, Milo, $105,000.
Garry Neubert to Donna L. and Richard J. Cooper, Italy Hill Road, Jerusalem, $11,000.
Shirley H. and William B. Martin to Carol Swartwood,19 North Main St., Rushville, Potter, $0, 3898 and 3944 Tinney Road; 1749 Ingram Road, Potter, $0.
Harlan Fulkerson to Kenneth H. Fulkerson, Starkey, $0.
Keith B. Dinahart to Keith B. Dinehart, Jerusalem, $0. Correction deed
Thomas J. Sullivan, Thomas M. Sullivan ex. to Dorothy L. Sullivan Byrne, Catherine A. Cassella, Thomas M. Sullivan and Dorothy L. Sullivan Byrne, Barrington, $0.
Del Jandrew to Casey L. and John W. Busch, Seneca Street, Penn Yan, Milo $10,000.
Mary Crippen, Ann M. Nolan, Marian L. Strickland ind. POA. to Davie E. and Tami A. Plumlee, 241 Lake St., Penn Yan, Milo, $68,000.
Barbara H. and Webster N. Martin to Irene H. and James N. Martin, Milo, $28,000.
Canandaigua Natl Bank & Trust to Brett C. and Stacy L. Meagher, 1255 South Lake Road, Middlesex, $495,000.
Lerch Living Trust, Everett E. Lerch tr. to Aaron H. and Linda Z. Reiff, Route 14 A, Milo, $500, correction deeed
Howard L. and Marlene B. Pierce to Machelle L. Kelly, Starkey, $0.
Barbara Merritt to Annetta B. and Paul N. Hoover Jr., Chubb Hollow Road, Barrington, $82,000.
Pendleton Family Trust, Pendleton Survivors Trust, June Pendleton tr. to Pendleton Agriland LLC, Potter, $0.
Teresa Jackson to Eugene and Linda Olmstead, Rasmussen Road, Benton, $165,000.
Denise D. Christensen, Esther H. Donaldson and Susan M. Kasiner to Kyle E. Jensen, Hemlock Road, Jerusalem, $42,000.
Michael A. Baker to Randy L. Rucker, Himrod-Lakemont Road, Milo, $74,900
Susan K. Fetterman to Susan K. and Timothy Fetterman, Ridge Road, Torrey, $0.
Brenda M. Harper to George R. and Grace Andrews, Starkey, $0.
Jeffrey J. Breuer to Danniel C., James C. Jr., Michael A. and Timothy Mullins, Yatesville Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Susan M. MacConkey, Joseph L., Judson P., Matthew J., Michael S., Petr J. McCarthy and Karen A. Raulston to Lynda J. Rummel and Rolf A. Zerges, Jerusalem, $106,000.
Owen D. and Patricia Marjama to Patricia A. Marjama Living Trust, Owen D. and Particia A. Marjama tr., 27 Buttonwood Lane, Dundee, Starkey, $0.
Owen D. and Patricia A. Marjama, Owen D. and Patricia A. Marjama co. tr., to Owen D. Marjama Living Trust, 19 Buttonwood Lane, Starkey, $0.
Philip Cianciotto to Donna Rae P. Cianciotto, Milo $0.
William C. Reigelsperger to Barbara J. and William C. Reigelsperger, Italy Valley Road, Italy $0.
Margaret A. Mead to Jeffrey R. Shay, 309 West Lake Road, Branchport, Jerusalem $0.
Household Finance Realty Corp NY to Pendleton Farms LLC, Potter, $55,100.
Peter J. Griner and Ann Griner to Peter J. Griner, Anthony Road, Torrey, $0.
Susan J. and Thomas D. Reilly to Philip D. Mann and Karen A. Sable, Cedar Street, Jerusalem, $128,500.
Kimberly D. Vaughan to Steven T. Vaughan, Rasmussen Road, Benton, $0.
Amy E. Kearns to William Dinger, Barrington, $57,500.
Lance C. McFetridge and William H. Sutherland to Steven M. McMichael, Assembly Avenue, Jerusalem, $21,900.
Jesse F. Jayne and Cheryl A. Johnson to Jesse F. Jayne, Cheryl A. Johnson and Ronald J. Johnson Sr., Bill Bailey road, Barrington, $0.
Christinen A. Rose to Michael A. Colizzi, North Avenue, Benton, $89,500.
Gabrielle E. Greene to Christie and Steven Beattie, Starkey, $117,500.
Lauri and Robert W. Rushman, Victoria L. King esq. ref. to Green Tree Servicing LLC, Upper Hill Road, Middlesex, $0.
Cynthia L. and Mark A. Bechard to Chad J. Allison, Brown Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $22,000.
Carol A. and Richard L. Retorick S. to Richard L. Retorick Jr. Milo, $0.
Cindy B. Rosato to REI REI LLC, 111 Liberty St., Milo, $0.
Barton W. Bromley Estate, Julie A. Bromley ex. to Julie A. Bromley, 3963 Parrish Hill Road, Naples, Italy, $0.
Mary and Robert L. Chambers to Andrew and Robert L. Chambers, Jerusalem, $0.
David J. Wetgman to Joshua and Stephanie Trombley, 313 Hamilton St., Penn Yan, Benton, $204,500.
Thomas R. Pratt Jr. to Dandy 1113 Dundee LLC, 53 Water St., Dundee, Starkey, $255,000.
Dale A. Lane, Floyd D. Lane, Mitchell A. Lehman to Marie and William E. and Marie Dunn, Lakemont-Himrod Road.
Maxine A. and Mervin C. Mitch to Amanda L. and Travis L. Grover, 842 Route 245, Middlesex, $150,000.
Leroy M. and Lucy G. Sensenig to Leroy M. Sensenig, 4200 Route 14A, Barringrton, $0.
Hunt Family Farms LLC, Arthur C. and Joyce H. Hunt to Caroline Hunt Boutard and Jonathan P. Hunt, 4021 Italy Hill Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Annetta and Reuben Martin to Aaron E. and Kathy M. Martin, 3407 County House Road, Jerusalem, $200,000.
Ellen J. and Titus H. Shirk to Lois H. and Luke M. Shirk, Ray Crosby Road, Barrington, $294,000.
Suzanne Conson to Cheryl A. Day and William F. Yonts, 213 Clinton St., Penn Yan, Milo, $75,000.
Mary B. Jayne to Justin Karlnoski, Station Road, Starkey, $15,000.
Helen Howell, Peter H. Baker AIF, to Michael A. Baker, Weeks Road, Starkey, $110,000.
Katrina H. and Matthew H. Sensenig to Ervin S. and Lena H. Sensenig, Havens Corners Road, Potter, $94,800
William B. Erickson to Katrina H. and Matthew H. Sensenig, Italy-Friend Road, Jerusalem, $158,900.
Edward G. Sisson to Nancy J. Bernhard, Edward G. Sinnon and Catherine H. Timpy, 630 Dundeee-Lakemont Road, Dundee, Starkey, $0.
Donald R. Tickner to Donald R. Tickner Family Wealth Trust, Todd Tickner tr., 3237 Lower West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Phyllis M. Lewis Estate, Carol L. Brust ind. ex. to John C. and Linda D. Vang, Old East Lake Road, Barrington, $85,000.
Towner Living Trust, Terry L. and Barbara A. Towner tr. to Jody Swarthout, County Route 46, Starkey, $10,000.
Robert F. Andersen, Sylvia Thayer Andersen tr. to Sylvia Thayer, Townsend Road, Milo, $0.
Thelma E. Waterson, Linda M. Banker ex. to Elizabeth Altemus and Nathan Hayes, South Hill Road, Middlesex, $44,000.
Horace E. Perry to Horace E. Perry Trust, Horace E. Perry tr., West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.




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