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Yates deed transfers for April 12 to May 18

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between April 12 to May 18, 2010 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Elizabeth D. Sharps and James D. Sharps, Ann E., Elizabeth D., James C. Sharps co. tr. to Elizabeth D. Sharps, Milo, $0.
Rachel A. Fingar, Patricia A. Strong AIF to Brian R. Fingar, 3800 Skyline Dr., Jerusalem, $0.
Paul Mark Warden to Margaret S. and Timothy L. Chambers, Seneca Street, Dresden, Torrey, $11,500.
Casey and John Busch to Lorraine M. and Stephen N. Burkholder, Howard Davis Road, Starkey, $65,000.
Webster Bank NA to Sharon Kelly Sayers, Jerusalem, $94,113.
Wade L. Falkey to Marilyn A. Falkey, 525 Angus Point Road, Benton, $0.
Leonard E. and Linda M. Johnson to Wendy M. Johnson, Keech Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Leonard E. and Linda M. Johnson to Eric M. Johnson, 2615 Keech Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Mark R. Potter to Salvatore Pitti, 5720 Underhill Road, Middlesex, $37,500.
Debra A. and Thomas W. McCann to Thomas W. McCann, West Avenue, Middlesex, $0.
Dale A. Lane to Floyd D. Lane, Route 54, Milo, $0.
Floyd D. Lane to Donald J. and Jean Redman, Milo, $0.
Clarence B. and Helen H. Ansley to Clarence B. Ansley, Flat Street, Benton, $0.
James P. Multer to Broderick A. and Theresa L. Multer, Horton Road, Barrington, $0.
Broderick and Theresa Multer to James P. Multer, Barrington, $0.
Wesley A. Tomion to Steven M. Ovens, Ferguson Corners Road, Benton, $80,000.
Carlotta R. Hinson to Ronald Hinson Trust, Ronald L. Hinson tr., Hamilton Street, Milo, $0.
Dawn Hess and Scott Huber to Scott Huber and Dawn Hess, West Swamp Road, Potter, $0.
Warner J. Hovenaar to David W. Hovenaar, 2653 Italy Friend Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Elizabeth J. Cincotta, Nicholas J. Cincotta Jr. and Elisa Gramza co. tr. to Justin R. Boyd, Cornwell Street, Milo, $69,000.
Elizabeth M. and Randie H. Rogers to Randie H. Rogers, Route 364, Potter, $0.
Elizabeth M. and Randie H. Rogers to Elizabeth Rogers, Lakemont Road, Starkey, $0.
Elizabeth M. and Randie H. Rogers to Jesse L. and Randie Rogers, Carroll Road, Benton, $0.
Gina M. and Charles L. Trask Jr., John R. Dangl esq. ref. to HSBC Bank USA NA tr., 5716 Route 14A, Starkey, $57,715.
Stephanie Sauer to Steven Sauer, 695 West Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $0.
DeVita Family Trust, Dominic J. and Paulette J. DeVita tr. to Finger Lakes Health Foundation, 117 Franklin St., Milo, $0.
Eileen Fruchter to Alexander Fruchter, Benton.
Margaret and Robert G. Wackerman to Keuka Lake House LLC, 798-799 E. Lake Road, Barrington, $0.
Jeanine M. and Jeffrey A. Dinehart, Dianne S. Lovejoy esq. ref. to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 130 Hamilton St., Milo, $70,236.11.
Verner B. Andersen and Anja Bakland to Sunny Maple LLC, 718 E. Lake Road and 710 E. Lake Road, Barrington, $0.
Choecie Vineyard, Inc. to Sara Land, Inc., George Fullagar Road, Milo, $360,000.
Sara Land, Inc. to Berneice H. and Elam H. Reiff, George Fullagar Road, Milo, $360,000.
Choecie Vineyard, Inc. to Ruth M. and Samuel B. Stoltzfus, Bath Road, Milo, $210,000.
Gail R. and Harold P. Christiansen to Christiansen Family Trust, Patricia L. Christiansen tr., Benton, $0.
Frances June Hathaway to Robert H. and Sandra L. Payne, Jerusalem, $230,598.57.
Kerri W. Schwartz to Carol J. and Kerri W. Schwartz, Jerusalem, $0.
Virginia L. Campney, Dianne C. Hansen ex. to Marianne Maher and Colleen A. McCoy, Milo, $420,000.
Donald W. and Isabell G. Shepardson to Brian K. and Dorothy J. Grimm, West Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $80,000.
Susan Elizabeth Norris and Maureen Rae Williams to Cary M. and Peter Becraft, 58 Cornelia St., Dresden, Torrey, $113,900.
Julie K. Schroth to Susan Elizabeth Norris and Maureen Rae Williams, Emerson Road, Potter, $122,500.
Bruce S. and Leslie K. Cutler to Kimberly Buttonow and Nancy Sadecki, Jerusalem, $0.
Constance R. and Thomas R. Cooke to Thomas R. Cooke, Route 14, Benton, $0.
Cheryl L. and Thomas J. Petro III to Cheryl L. Petro, Barrington, $0.
Leonard Z. and Marie Z. Martin to Glenn S. and Virginia Z. Hoover, 3394 Adams Road, Jerusalem, $150,000.
Chad J. Allison to Lorie A. Struck, 1 Commercial Ave., Milo, $87,000.
Michael S. McCarthy to Yates County Habitat for Humanity, Inc., 109 North Ave., Milo, $0.
Bert R. Dailey to Matthew J. Reed, Flat Street, Benton, $18,701.
Sydney Yells Cota, William G. Gelder, Peter H. Baker esq. ref. to Fremont Home Loan Trust, HSBC Bank USA NA tr., 3003 Kinneys Corners Road, Jerusalem, $50,000.
Douglas M. Allen, Alexander Burkett esq. ref. to Secretary of HUD, 2878 County House Woods Road, Jerusalem, $83,703.26.
Karen R. Kalveric and Eric R. Johnson to Daniel J. and Janet L. Sherman, West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $407,500.
John W. Bailey to Gary M. Smith, 423 Lake Ave., Jerusalem, $460,000.
John M. Murphy to Marcia M. Murphy, Benton, $0.
John M. and Virginia Murphy to Jennifer L. and Mary Ellen Smolos, N. Flat Street, Benton, $0.
John M. and Virginia Murphy to Marcia M. Murphy, Jennifer and Mary Ellen Smolos, Benton, $0.
Kerry R. Meyer to M. Kristine Pearson, 3396 Guyanoga Road, Jerusalem, $132,500.
David and Martha H. Swift to David L. and Martha H. Swift, Jerusalem, $0.
Donald J. and Lynda L. Rossi to Lynda Rossi, Milo, $0.
Joan Hussey Reardon to Nathaniel J. Duffy, N. Vine Valley Road, Middlesex, $24,900.
Kenneth D. and Michele M. Armes to Daniel R. and Elizabeth L. Hoover, 7 Main St., Milo, $76,900.
Mary H. and Paul H. Nolt to Doris R. and Elvin S. Hoover, Legg Road, Benton, $12,500.
Yates County to town of Milo, Milo, $0.
Casey and John Busch to Lorraine M. and Stephen N. Burkholder, 81 Seneca St., Starkey, $0.
Myron A. White to Melissa D. Gurba, Benham Street, Milo, $59,900.
Anne S. and Joseph Kagle to Mark E. Havill, Barrington, $26,000.
Glenn D. and Kristine M. Huels to James H. and Mark D. Gould, Knapp Road, Middlesex, $34,000.
Judith and Edward P. Woodruff III to Judith M. Woodruff, Bigelow Avenue, Starkey, $0.
Richard P. and David R. Hand Sr. to HSBC Bank USA NA tr. for WFHET 2007-2, 1650 Twin Oaks Dr., Benton, $123,250.
Marilyn R. Pinneo and Deborah A. Tones to Mary K. and Leland C. Henry III, 170 Walnut St., Milo, $92,000.
Richard H. Henderson, Margaret S. Henderson tr. to Margaret S. Henderson, Route 14A, Milo, $0.
Joan A. Lesoine to Penny L. and Robert E. Kephart II, 1681 Long Point Beach Road, Torrey, $100,000.
Charles M. Jefferson, John Richard Dangl Jr. esq. ref., Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 2072 Carley Bruce Road, Barrington, $94,061.12.
John L. Loban to Lynne Royer and Bruce Saldinger, Barrington, $410,000.
Roland R. Harrison to Pamela R. Harrison, 49 Eastman, Jerusalem, $0.
Kenneth F. and Leona E. Wright, Joseph S. Dressner esq. ref. to Deutsche Bank National Trust co. tr. and New Century Home Equity Loan Trust, 133 Ogden St., Milo, $85,130.49.
Craig S. Prior to Craig S. and Susan A. Prior, 32 Bigelow Ave., Starkey, $0.
Phyllis D. Grover to Phyllis Grover Living Trust, David M. and Phyllis D. Grover co. tr., Jerusalem, $0.
Julie L. and Ira E. Rickard Jr. to Jeremy S. Hall, Franklin Street, Starkey, $31,000.
Rose Marie Brundage to Vine View Farms LLC, Route 364, Middlesex, $0.
Dennis M. Potter to Kathleen L. Potter, Italy Valley Road, Italy, $0.
Clarinda L. Straub to Richard C. Blowers, West Lightening Corners Road, Jerusalem, $80,000.
James Rector to Judy Rector, Italy Valley Road, Italy, $0.
George M. and Mary D. Murphy to George M. and Mary D. Murphy Family Trust, Bluff Point Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.
George M. Murphy to George M. and Mary D. Murphy Family Trust, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $0.
Stuart J. Mitchell III to Rochester Area Foundation, Middlesex, $0.
Shirley J. Drew and Isabelle E. Parmelee to Janet A. Butler, Young Street, Milo, $45,000.
Kmara Clare and William V. Craig to Chad J. Allison, 177 Seneca St., Milo, $40,000.
Marie M. and Orvie W. Zimmerman to David L. and Lucinda Z. Hoover, 831 Stone Mill Road, Starkey, $52,000.
Michael P. Cleary to Arthur F. Kirk III and Joshua Trombley, Main Street, Starkey, $87,500.
Emma L. Miller to Brooke L. and Darin S. Gilbert, 205 Sheppard St., Milo, $79,900.
Catherine B. and Gary A. Gillette to Daniel A. and Elaine G. Lewis, Pineview Drive, Jerusalem, $145,000.
Joseph F. Conaway to Kerrie K. O’Brien, S. Main Street, Rushville, Potter, $98,000.

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