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Yates deed transfers for December

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office for Decemebr 2010 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Wells Fargo Bank NA to Sec’y of HUD, 130 Hamilton St., Penn Yan, Milo, $70,236.11.
John Scanna to Stephen Cooley and Jeffrey Garrow, Phelps Road, Potter, $39,900.
Jessica L., Peter J. Griner and Sarah L. to Peter J. Griner, Anthony Road, Torrey, $0.
Jacqueline L. and Wayne A. Cosh to Leonard R. and Marian M. Nolt, Beam Road, Starkey, $320,000.
Margaret S. Henderson to Stephen R. Henderson, Milo Center, $0.
Whitbeck Living Trust, Elwood N. and Phyllis R. Whitbeck tr. to Brian and Tracey Knapp, Milo Mills Road, Milo, $115,000.
Jean R. Brown and James G. Hey to Aaron M. Zimmerman, Potter, $220,000.
Jon L. Dean to Lani M. Gardner, 5713 Underwood Hill Road, Middlesex, $69,9000.
Jane A. and Terrence H. Bartholomew to Towner Living Trust, Barbara A. and Terry L. Towner, tr., Torrey, $60,000.
Margaret A. Linathicum to Dorothy C. and William M. Volz, Sid White Road, Jerusalem, $210,000.
Bernard L. and Carol J. Kline to Bernard L. and Carol J. Kline, Starkey, $0.
Angela D. and Jared N. Race to Dottie M. and Garry Neubert, Stone Jug Road, Starkey, $72,000.
Kathleen H. and William H. Simpson to Marie Edmeston, Guyanoga Road, Jerusalem, $30,000.
Raymond S. Knafo to Laurent J. Knafo, 226 Hamilton St., Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
Adele W. Dekouski to Jason D. Dekouski, 1147 Lincoln Road, Middlesex, $0.
Joseph Vogl to Dorothy and Joseph Vogl, Italy, $0.
Alan F. and Rachel B. Doan to Linda M. Grattan and Thomas W. Killian II, Torrey, $87,500.
Stephen A. Smolos to Morenus Realty LLC, Main Street, Penn Yan, $68,351.91.
James L. Vasile II to Shana L. and James L. Vasile II, 1570 Shay Road, Naples, Middlesex, $0.
Anne C. and Peter C. Richardson to Anne C. Richardson Trust and Peter T. Richardson Trust, Anne C. Richardson tr. and Peter T. Richardson tr., 372 Route 54, Milo, $0.
Carole L. and E. William Whittaker to Carole L. and E. William Whitaker, 508 East Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $0.
Margaret S. Henderson to James R. Henderson, Milo, $0.
Ann and Doreen A. Hayes, Brian Hayes ex. to Donna M. and Robert L. Bergmark, 49 Main St., Dundee, Starkey, $25,000.
Roseanne S. Carpenter and James E. Sassano to Patricia Cornette and Ralph A. Weaver, 2428 and 2429 Willow Grove, Milo, $368,000.
Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Doris G. and Howard Rumsey, Millard Street, Dundee, Starkey, $25,000.
Anne T. Salisbury and Mary E. T. Sujan to Suzanne Westlake, Crescent Beach, Jerusalem, $750.
Robert J. Larsen to Louise F. and Paul C. Calhoun, 13 Crescent Dr., Penn Yan, Milo, $75,000.
James A. Ebel to Richard E. and Sandra J. Kaczynski, Jerusalem, $93,000.
John W. Brugler Qualified Personal Residence Trust, Kay U. Brugler tr. to John W. Brugler, Kay U Brugler tr., 610, 614 and 618 East Lake Road, Middlesex, $0.
John W. Brugler, Kay U. Brugler tr. to John W. Brugler, James M. Brugler, Kay U. Brugler and Mercer L. Brugler, co tr., $0.
Kim Bailey Bricks, David K. Ettman ref. to Thomas E. Baker tr., Route 245, Italy, $93,645.55.
Bettty J. Christensen to Cynthia J. and Thomas P. Donahue, Old Bath Road, Milo, $55,000.
Dorla M. Armstrong to Nicholas J. Murdock, East Elm Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $84,800.
Elam B. and Karen L. Hoover to Clara M. and Elam R. Hoover, Route 230, Barrington, $75,000.
Grace S. Nussbaumer to Greg Cohick, Dresden, Torrey, $0.
Susan M. and William N. Brodine to Susan M. Brodine Trust, Susan M. Brodine tr., Jerusalem, $0.
Virginia M. Coombs to Joan M. Pierri, Hillcrest Drive, Penn Yan, Milo, $200,000.
Aimee H. and Jack W. Minteer to Aimee H. Minteer, 460 Fitch Road, Rushville, Potter, $0.
M. A. Rachel Coarmier and Clarence R. Fraser to Kevin K. Bostrom, Earls Hill Road, Benton, $435,000.
Kimyo and Michael J. Healy to Healy Family Wealth Trust, Kimyo and Michael J. Healy tr., 2935 County House Rooad Road, Bluff Point, Jerusalem, $0.
Yates County to Barbara Crow, Twix Pines LLC, Jerusalem, $46,016.37.
Lynn M. Welsh and Phillip D. Dailey Jr. to Phillip D. Dailey Jr., Lincoln Avenue, Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
Betty J. Christensen to Margaret I. and Michael J. Brinn, Old Bath Road, Milo. $740.
Betty J. Christensen to Keuka Comfort Care Home, Inc., Milo, $0.
Jeannette Mack to Ted I. Huttar, Hadsell Road, Middlesex, $82,500.
Constance A. Impert Trust, Syllvia A. and Walter W. Impert tr. to Keuka Lake Family LLC, Liberty Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
Richard C. Blowers to Richard C. Blowers, Lightening Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Anthony and Sarah L. Costanza to Ellen C. and Joseph R. Walters Jr., Italy Friend Road, Jerusalem, $11,000.
Anna M. Simmmons to Christopher Lee Shepard, South Main Street, Rushville, Potter, $55,000.
Laurie Hopkins Halbert, Jennifer A. Hutches, Kirstjan E. Seago to David E. and Susan M. Miran, 2832 Dunn-Pulver Crossroad, Branchport, Italy, $27,000.
Alan S. Krautwurst to Debra A. and Peter C. DeMarco, 928 South Lake Road, Middlesex, $17,500.
Lois Roberts Fultz Estate, David L. Fultz ind. ex., Peggy Carr and Marold Kaye to Allan R. Fultz, Starkey, $78,525.
Jeffrey W. Jorritsma to Nolan C. Dean, Starkey, $10,000.
Wilfred C. Schuck to Susan Huber, East Elm Street, Milo, $200,000.
Kimberly Yerkes to Kimberly and Robert F. Yerkes, 4142 Route 364, Penn Yan, Potter, $0.
Robert C. Kinyoun Living Trust, Jane S. and Jeffrey G. Kinyoun co. tr. to Robert C. Kinyoun Jr., 592 West Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $0.
Keuka Lakeside LLC to Anne L. Kiefer, 2767 West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Isaac S. and Lenz Z. Hurst to Alma Z. and Elam H. Hurst, 3415 Route 364, Potter, $175,000.
Jon J. Bagley to Erin N. and Timothy E. Durgan, Green Street, Rushville, Potter, $1,000.
Robert J. Kelly to Machelle L. Kelly, Fenno Road, Starkey, $0.
Kenneth E. Hammond Sr., Karen H Switzer POA to Sec’y of HUD, 233 East Elm St., Penn Yan, Milo $96,321.
Vincent D. Bedient to James A. and Kim L. Bedient, Guyanoga Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Land Centerwall to Jeffrey T. and Sigrid L. Gilkeson, Long Point South, Torrey, $55,000.
Dale A. and Floyd D. Lane, Mitchell A. Lehman to Brawdy Properties LLC, Kings Hill Road, Torrey, $25,000.
Paul E. Mitchell, Lynn M. and Oliver S. Williams III to Lake Mitchell LLC, Middlesex, $0.
Ryan A. Slater to Johnston Survivors Trust UTD 5-13-95, County House Woods Road, Jerusalem, $22,000.
Marilyn D. and Richard G. Meyer to Ella Mae and John David Shirk, Potter, $293,000.
Mary Lou McDonald to Eric C. and Jeanine A. Eckenrode, Benton, $339,000.
V&W Properties of New York LLC to Harold W. and Sarah Z. Zimmerman, Thistle Street, Benton, $807,120.
Theresa Marie and Carl A. Hoffman Jr. to Christian and Lisa Mosesti, 51 South Kashong Dr., Benton, $315,000.
Yates County to Christine M. Moon, Middlesex, $15,500.
Sarah H. and Titus H. Nolt to Andrew L. and Ella B. Nolt, Swarthout Road, Torrey, $311,667.
Lloyd D. and Rost Marie Haydel to Rose Marie Haydel, Barrington, $0.
Frederick T. Henry Jr. to Kenneth H. Hershey, 2950 Havens Corners Road, Benton, $175,000.
Willis E. and Yvonne A. MacMillen to Yvonne A. MacMillan, Plum Point Road, Milo, $0.
Ronald C. Long to Irene Z. and Norman W. Zimmerman Jr., PreEmption Road, Benton, $395,000.
Ronald C. Long to Ellen Z. and Norman W.  Zimmerman, PreEmption Road, Benton, $155,000.




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