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Yates deed transfers for Feb. to March

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between Feb. 20 to March 31, 2009 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Gail P. Finch to Michele D. Conover tr., Finch Family Trust, Jerusalem, $0.
Alice and Frederick R. Shoemaker to Robert S. Peele, N. Glenora Road, Starkey, $0.
Village of Penn Yan to Shirman Project LLC, Basin Street, Milo, $12,000.
Gilbert Family LLC, Barbara A. Kost, to Christiansen Family Trust, Pamela D. and Ralph H. Christiansen co. tr., Jerusalem, $290,136.
Lester Z. and Lucille H. Reiff to David R. and Katie M. Sauder, Route 14A, Benton, $380,000.
Robert Davis to Peter Agliata, Charles Street, Dresden, Torrey, $20,000.
Ruth E. and Warren H. Giles to Jennifer C. and Michael J. Clancy, 118 Clinton St., Milo, $135,000.
Charlene V. Conners and Thomas D. Woodhams to Robert J. Peck and Timothy J. Row, 1225 S. Lake Road, Middlesex, $0.
Jennifer C. and Michael J. Clancy to Jennifer N. Gambardella and Joseph B. Hines, 127 Lincoln Ave., Milo, $74,900.
William D. Block Family Trust, William D. Block tr. to William D. Block, Jerusalem, $0.
William W. Turner to Turner Family Trust, Randi C. and Virginia S. Turner tr., West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.
William B. Leone to Stephen M. Leone, Dunn-Pulver Crossroad, Italy, $0.
Donald J. Rossi to Donald J. and Lynda Rossi, Burns Terrace, Milo, $0.
Patti F. Coles to Arthur Elliot Jones, 3346 Sliter Road, Italy, $0.
Judith A. and William H. Brooks to Ecogen Wind LLC, 2730 and 2744 Emerson Road, Italy, $450,000.
Barbara M. and Donald E. Christmas Jr. to Ecogen Wind LLC, 2900 Emerson Road, Italy, $450,000.
Richard A. Marx to Ecogen Wind LLC, 7445 County Line Road, Italy, $450,000.
Laura A. and Robert W. Pearce to Ecogen Wind LLC, 2950 and 2960 Emerson Road, Italy, $450,000.
Bonnie M. Deysher to Susan T. Hart, Sheppard Street, Milo, $36,700.
Sally A. Wheeler to Kenneth A. and Patricia A. Munch, 2351 Pine Lake, Jerusalem, $1,000.
John Dibble to Anna M. and Samuel D. Dixon, Starkey, $30,000.
Joseph R. Cromheecke to Lorena S. and Joseph R. Cromheecke, 109 Burns Terrace, Milo, $0.
Cynthia and Matthew Burt to Clarence Gene White, Mothersell Road, Potter, $40,000.
Christopher A. and Erin L. Picchi to John R. Savage, N. Vine Valley Road, Middlesex, $77,000.
Earl Nelson, Earl Nelson Trust, to Earl Nelson Trust, David Nelson tr., Anthony Road, Torrey, $0.
Five Star Bank to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 17 Gilbert St., Potter, $0.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Elizabeth Coit, 17 Gilbert St., Potter, $19,000.
David K. Ettman esq. ref. and Jeremy J. Schroo to Floyd D. Lane, Howard Davis Road, Jerusalem, $73,250.34.
J. Wayne and Margaret L. McClellan, Charles E. Carlson AIF, to J. Wayne McClellan, Benton, $0.
Denita L. Bayer to Donald I. Miller Jr., Assembly Avenue, Jerusalem, $55,000.
Brian Rickner to William Staccone, 6084 Italy Hill Road, Italy, $33,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust co. tr. and Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust to Kenneth J. and Wendy M. Combs, Route 245, Middlesex, $49,900.
David M. and Molly Wilder to David M. Wilder, Italy Hill Road, Jerusalem, $0.
PHH Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of HUD, 2771 Goodwin Hill Road, Barrington, $45,538.50.
Charles D., Laurie A. and Marcia G. Robeson to Charles D. Robeson, Descendants 2003 Trust, 692 E. Lake Road, Middlesex, $0.
Elbridge LaFever to Elbridge and Gladys P. LaFever, 218 Malthouse Road, Starkey, $0.
David L. Curtis, Judith M. Curtis ex. to Judith M. Curtis, Earl Hill Road, Benton, $0.
Judy A. Dobmeier to Judy A. Dobmeier Trust, Torrey, $0.
Justin E. Ovens to Sandra J. and Michael L. Ovens Sr., Starkey, $0.
Ellen L. and James W. Blackburn to Rosanne Killen, Burns Terrace, Milo, $108,000.
Sarah D. and Timothy D. Mullins to Luke Ray Horst, Guyanoga Road, Potter, $76,500.
Lori Dematties, Melinda Natelli, Diane Sequra and Chris A. Serefine to Chris A. Serefine, Lake Street, Milo, $0.
Patricia A. Gunderman Trust, Patricia A. Gunderman tr. to Patricia A. Gunderman Trust, Donald A. Tumonis tr., 2456 County House Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Patricia A. Gunderman Trust, Patricia A. Gunderman tr. to Patricia A. Gunderman Trust, Donald A. Tumonis tr., 2450 County House Road, Jerusalem, $0.
June L. Herrmann Estate, Carol Dunn ex. to Carol Dunn, Carl Herrmann and Amanda Thomas, Starkey, $0.
Audrey G. Evans to Lucy B. Horhing and Lawrence H. Shirk, Ingram Road, Potter, $105,000.
Durwood A. and Terry A. Lounsberry to Alan B. Comstock, Jerusalem, $16,920.
Charles E. and Janet Lazarus to Lazarus Family Wealth Trust, Charles E. and Janet M. Lazarus tr., 4605 Ferguson Corners Road, Potter, $0.
Nancylee E. and Thomas Paris to Nancylee E. Paris, 646 E. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem,  $0.
Mona and Robert H. Behrens to David J. Wegman, Hamilton Street, Benton, $298,500.
Melissa and Anthony Caster to 2045 Ridge Road Land Trust, Charles Speedy tr., 2045 Ridge Road Ext., Milo, $0.
Brian K. Hawley, Mitchell A. Lehman, Dale A. and Floyd D. Lane to Susan Durrance, Kinneys Corners Road, Jerusalem, $26,000.
Elizabeth C. Bay to Elaine E. and James H. Hilton, Middlesex, $61,000.
Robert A. Morris to Alison L. Grube, Middlesex, $0.
Susan A. Auger to Dana M. and Kelly M. Paladino, Middlesex, $169,500.
Benjamin T. and Christina M. Thorp to Nicole Allen and Kirby J. Field, Garfield Avenue, Starkey, $72,500.
Thomas B. Kline to Casey and John Busch, Second Milo Road, Milo, $67,000.
Anne and Ronald F. Yarusso to Melissa A. and Mitchell E. Fink, Lot 7, Starkey, $57,500.
Anne and Ronald F. Yarusso to Melissa A. and Mitchell E. Fink, Lot 8, Starkey, $57,500.
Bruce G. Widman Estate, Richard Allen Widman ex. to Robert A. Bradley, 150 Clute Road, Italy, $64,000.
Green Tree Servicing LLC to Kevin Mosley-Wall and Jo Mosley Wall, W. River Crossing Road, Italy, $18,000.
Anthony J. Santullo, Dorothy E. Santullo ind. ex. to Lynn F. Conners and Dorothy E. Santullo, Liberty Street, Milo, $0.
Ruth R. Horning to David F. and Elva B. Hoover, Benton, $80,000.
Forest Properties LLC to Constanza Farms, Italy, $60,610.
Patti F. Coles to Arthur Elliot Coles, 3346 Sliter Road, Italy, $0.
Peter L. Brown to Lake Street Plaza Theatres Inc., Indian Pines, Jerusalem, $97,000.
Daryl H. and Vivian F. Jones to Daryl H. Jones, 113 W. Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.
George P. Balz, Ruth L. Poole and Susan A. Walker to Bonnie Lee Beck and Boyd McDowell III, 122 N. Glenora Road, Starkey, $195,000.
Kevin M. Olsen to Colleen L. Fletcher and Kevin M. Olsen, 253 Lake St., Milo, $0.
Joan V. Ambrose to Michael L. Ovens Sr., Route 14, Starkey, $0.
Karin Cockram, Deborah Connelly, Onalie Gagliano, Keith A. and William R. Seager to Andrew J. and Rachael A. Robak, Keuka Street, Milo, $84,000.
Barbara Wormuth, William Wormuth ind. AIF to William Wormuth, Old Route 14A, Milo, $0.
Marguerite A. Steeves to John F. and Marguerite A. Steves, Jerusalem, $0.
Marie M. Robinson to Alice M. Miller, 6056 Italy Valley Road, Italy, $0.
Jeanette P. Chauvin to Susan K. Bencomo, Putnam Road, Starkey, $159,540.
Joseph A. Gilmartin to Casey L. and John Busch, 148 E. Elm St., Milo, $94,500.
John W. Bull to Olav and Pamela L. Torvund, 2590 Berke Lane, Jerusalem, $55,000.

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