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Yates deed transfers for January

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office for January 2011 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Gordon J. Klehamer Living Trust to Grauer Family Trust, William E. and Lana S. Grauer tr., portion of 10527 East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $100,000.
Vicki L. Cook and Michael J. Prusinowski ato Vicki L. and Michael J. Prusinowski, 2323 Pulver Road, Italy, $0.
Canandaigua National Bank & Trust to Robert J. Peck and Timothy J. Row, South Lake Road, Middlesex, $0.
Stella M. Kellow Tinaglia Estate to William Kovacs and Virginia L. Newman, Old State Road, Benton, $4,500.
Jeffrey L., Abbott C., Jeffrey L. Abbott ind. tr. to William Kovacs and Virginia L. Newman, Old State Road, Benton, $22,500.
Kathleen K. Barbagallo, Jennifer Kellow and Mary K. Viola to William Kovacs and Virginia L. Newman, Old State Road, Benton, $13,500.
John B. Wilson to John B. and Sarah D. Wilson, East Lake Road, Milo, $0.
Jo Ann Kerrick to Nicole S. Kerrick, Torrey, $0.
Jessica Soucie and Shane Trautman to Veldon F. Dunton, Mill Street, Middlesex, $25,000.
Kelli Lyn and Shawn Martz to Kelli Lyn Martz, Starkey Corners, Starkey, $0.
Sidney C. DePew Jr. to Christine M. Andrews, Indian Pines, Jerusalem, $0.
Charles H. Chambery to David L. Genecco Family Wealth Trust, East Lake Road, Milo, $800,000.
Brian D. and Nancy A. Hanley to East Bluff Properties LLC, 644 East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $0.
Hugh J., Lori, Neil D. and Shane W. Chapman to Santillos, Inc., Olney Road, Italy, $27,000.
Hugh J. and Lori Chapman to Neil D. and Shane W. Chapman, Olney Road, Italy, $0.
Theresa S. Horning to Criag S. Horning, 1121 Anthony Beach Road, Torrey, $0.
Yates County to Charles F. King, Italy, $0.
Angela R. Bedient to Christopher S. Tillett, Italy, $4,168
Robert H. Groeling to Woodwise Forestland LLC, Italy Valley Road, Italy, $130,000.
Phyllis B. Mendall to Ralph K. Beckhorn and Pamela B. Sweeney, Jerusalem, $0.
Richard W. Turner to Rosanna Brubacher and Clinton S. Sauder, Willett Road, Jerusalem, $85,000.
John L. Oechsle to Agony Hill, Inc., Italy Valley Road, Italy, $32,000.
Nicholas Romero Trust and Jill M. Romero, William J. Allison, ex. tr. to Austin J. Lapp, 203 Florence Ave., Penn Yan, Milo, $72,000.
Carol A. Bodine to Martin J. Davis and Daryl Davies-Davis, Route 54, Milo, $390,000.
James E. and Sarah A. Babcock to Gerry W. and Peggy I. Naylor, Andews Hill Road, Barrington, $5,000.
Susan D. and William T. Hanley to East Bluff Properties LLC, 664 East Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $0.
Jeffrey D. and Kathleen L. Gernold to James J. and Patricia E. Smith, Bossard Road, Starkey, $40,700.
Daniel B. and Elaine H. Martin to Lena M. and Samuel B. Shirk, 1630 Loree Road, Benton, $125,000.
Allen B. and Mary W. Zimmerman to Allen Z. and Marie H. Zimmerman, Barrington, $100,000.
Anna Pong to Esther Fuller, 943 State Route 14, Torrey, $0.
Richard L. and Sandra J. Head to Household Finance Realty Corp NY, Potter, $89,762.70.
Joseph L. Socola to Sunset Ridge Ranch LLC, Italy, $106,000.
Gerard T. and Rosemary J. Dalton to Michael A. and Rosanne R. Dalton, Benton, $0, CORRECTION
Elden R. Tubbs, Lynda King POA to Elizabeth and Gregory Mahns, 3228 Skyline Dr., Jerusalem, $75,000.
Butcher Management Trust, Corbin S. Butcher tr. to Virginia S. Turner, West Lake Road, Jerusalem $100,000.
Elizabeth Ann Herriott, Bruce C. Mellen and Beverly M. Snively co ex. to Beverly M. and Lawrence W. Snively, 947 and 950 South Lake Road, Middlesex, $498,200.
Robert J. and William D. Dinehart, Roma D. Lafler and Wanda D. Schrouder to Harlan H. Martin, 4288 Friend Road, Jerusalem, $145,000.
Michael P. Wager to David H. Wager, County Line Road, Italy, $63,000.
Gail J. Hansen to Kimberly A. and William R. Hansen, 256 State Route 14, Benton, $0.
Mary L. Foster to Charles A. Bastian, Julie E. Hawk and Lauren B. Tappel, Jerusalem, $0.
Robert Scott Gage to Pamela Sue Reussow, Starkey, $0.
Alvin J. Housel to Jeffrey A. and John E. Housel, Tery L. Nussbaumer, 196 West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Gerry C. and Lars T. Lindqvist to Linda C. and Richard D. Shane, 427 Beattie Farm Road, Benton, $136,000.
Rodney B. Jensen to Irene S. and Nathan L. Nolt, Lake Road, Torrey, $250,000.
Debbie M. and John M. Storer to Mark and Wendie S. Cohick, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $1.
Vincent D. Bedient to James A. and Kim L. Bedient, Guyanoga Road, Jerusalem $0.
Janet E. Berna to Brian, Carl and Ronald Berna, Patricia Coffin, Annmarie Flanagan, Paula McMichael and Karen Robideau, Milo, $0.
Mahar Family LLC to Daniel W. Mahar and Kirsten T. Mahar, Middlesex, $500,000.
Norman W. and Susan H. Lindenmuth to Mirella and Richard DiPaola, Flint Hill Road, Italy, $95,000.
Douglas L. McCabe to Nancy J. and William P. Edwards, Dutch Street, Barrington, $75,000.
Anne Marie Barber and Carol B. Hanken to Dawn A. Aprile, 1321 South Lake Road, Middlesex, $470,000.
Ross A. Castner and Christine McAffee to Ross A. Castner, 1754 Loree Road, Benton, $0.
David L. Allen Jr. to Vincent P. Forlenza, Haley Road, Barrington, $10,800.
Craig S. Horning to Wallace F. Gordon, 1121 Anthony Beach Road, Torrey, $29,600
David L. Sworts to John D. Sworts, Starkey, $0.
Richard M. Hall to Dion W. and Martha S. Johnson, Barrington, $100,000.
Whitbeck Living Trust, Robin Whitbeck Perkins and April Ann Whitbeck tr. to Bradley H. and Brenda L. Smith, Liberty Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $65,000.
Jack L. Clarke and David Hampton to Jeffrey and Rainey Jones, 8 Chapel St., Rushville, Potter, $58,000.
Fred D. and Roberta L. Ferlito to Ferlito Family Wealth Trust, Fred D. and Roberta L. Ferlito tr., 824 Mertz Road, Middlesex, $0.
Betty J. Ferraro to Charles W. Culp Family Trust, Charles W. Culp, tr., Serenity Road, Torrey, $200,000.



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