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Yates deed transfers for July

    YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between July 1 to 26, 2011 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Joyce A. Schutz to Kim Marie Burrows and Carl J. Casaccia, Upper Hill Road, Middlesex, $106,000.,
Ervin S. and Lena H. Sensenig to Debbie R. Stebbins, Cherry Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $67,000.
Carol Y. and Ronald F. Witzel to Robert M. and Sally Coupal, 5550 Sunnyside Road, Middlesex, $295,000.
Keith Adams to George Gamer, View Board Road, Middlesex, $125,991.30.
Audrus H. Ferguson to Jean M. Schultz, 6359 Robeson Road, Middlesex, $95,000.
Bernard Edward Hines to Chad Allison, 124 Walnut St., Penn Yan, Milo, $70,500
CVM 1 REO LLC to Alan and Tonya Watts, Acorn Valley Mobile Home Park, West River Road, Italy, $200,000.
Darlene and Philip Hink, Judy and Wayne Mitchell to Bonnie L. and David J. Doan, Severne Road, Milo, $50,000.
Ann Morse to Michael Stefkovich, East Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $350,050
Dorothy B. Meath to Doris S. and John D. Zimmerman, South Main Street, Rushville, Potter, $95,000.
Merton and Sharon Nageldinger to Deborah D. and Edward L. Nageldinger, Rushville-Ferguson Corners Road, Benton, $0.
Grace and Harry Sheren to Harry A. Sheren, Mud Lane Road, Starkey, $0.
Jane E. D. and Robert S. Morello to Winona Flynn, 411 East Lake Road, Milo, $347,500
Janet H. Hayton; John H. and Viola J. Jensen to Bernard E. Hines, 3671 Pepper Road, Jerusalem, $136,500.
Jason E. Doan to Rebecca J. and Yurii F. Richards, Rock Stream Road, Starkey, $77,000.
Chad J. Allison to Beth E. and Lawrence W. McMinn, 2564 Route 14A, Milo, $215,000.
Margaret A. Mead to Jeffrey R. Shay, Main Streeet, Branchport, Jerusalem, $100,000. Correction Deed
Bruce H. Fullagar, Nancy M. Fullagar ex. to Linda Chambers and David, Keith, Mark, Nancy M. and Scott Fullagar, Milo, $0.
Albert R. Piato Estate, Ann H. Piaato ex. to Ann H, Daniel V and Robert N. Piato, co tr., Barrington, $0.
Darrin D. Todd to Richard and Suzanne Prindle, Highlenda Drive North, Italy, $84,000.
David L. and Linda L. Reeve to James C. and Sharan F. Tette, 2463 County House Road, Jerusalem, $335,000.
Stanley E. Lutomski Estate, Rhea Kittner adm. ind., to Rhea Kittner, Willow Grove, Milo, $0.
Judith M. Ebert to Dana L. and Sue A. Crans, South Glenora Road, Starkey, $19,987.50.
Sanford D. and Barbara A. Lapp Living Trust, Barbara A. Lapp tr. to Mary Anna and Theodore Kent Lapp, Lakemont-Himrod Road, Starkey, $0.
Jack and Marion Tomion to Alan D. and Bruce R. Tomion, Fergusons Corners Road, Benton, $163,354.41.
Mark S. McGreal Jr. to Kara J. and Mark S. McGreal Jr. Grant Avenue, Penn Yan, Benton, $0.
Dorothy S. Knoell and William D. Wright to William D. Wright Living Trust, Knapp Road, Barrington, $0.
Howard and Susan Hawkins to Eric B. and Jeanmarie F. Megarget, Belknap Hill Road, Jerusalem, $58,500.
Glenn B. Sensenig to Eleanor H. and Glen B. Sensenig, Log City Road, Starkey, $0.
William M. and Dorothy C. Volz to Devon M. Snyder, 147 West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $113,500.
County of Yates to Yates County Habitat for Humanity, Inc. 130 Seneca St., Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
Sandra W. McCrystle to Scott Taylor Wiley, Branchport, Jerusalem, $33,500.
Barry G. and Cynthia A. Rickett to Kevin M. and Matthew J. Rickett, Shanty Plains Road, Jerusalem, $0.
A. Jeffrey Shufelt to Kathleen Q. and Leo P. Brideau, 9097 East Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $423,000.
Jacqueline L. and Wayne A. Cosh to Amanda L. and Clair A. Zimmerman, Beam Road, Starkey, $0.
Paul M. Bogart Sr. Estate, Paul M. Bogart II and Laura E. Bogart co ex. to Laura E. Bogart, 169 Oak Grove Beach, Benton, $86,025.
BWF Holdings LLC to Glenora Corners Grocery LLC, Dundee Glenora Road, Starkey, $1,000.
Bradford C. and Mary M. Berk to Douglas F. Brush, 1473 South Lake Road, Middlesex, $887,000.
Richard G. Nelson to Richard G. Nelson Family Wealth Trust, Richard G. Nelson tr., 969 Carlson Road, Torrey, $0.
Christine Allen McCarthy and Joseph L. McCarthy to Joseph L. McCarthy, Baldwin Road, Benton, $20,000.
LaMar R. Sauder to LaMar R. and Leisa M. Sauder, 513 Randall Crossing Road, Milo, $0.
Harry J. Humphreys and Kay J. May to Harry J. Humphreys, Hayes Road, Starkey, $0.
David B. and Edna S. Zimmerman to Marian H. and Wayne F. Sensenig, Barrington, $325,000.
Anne T. Salisbury and Mary E. T. Sujan to Bruce W. and Tina L. Churches, Crescent Beach, Jerusalem, $405.
Edward T. Lindsay II to Brenda, Frank and Edward T. Lindsay II, 805 Italy Valley Road, Naples, Italy, $0.
Judith Anne and William F. Quinn to William F. Quinn, Starkey, $0.
Gregg and Theresa A. Thompson to Joseph M. Clark, Jeffrey M. Lagendyk, Thomas R. Maddamma, Quest Group and Rex E. Thayer, 1845 Upper Hill Road, Middlesex, $115,175.
Lisa A. and Mark L. Hoyt to John and Laura Reindl, 2414 Willow Grove, Milo, $558,860
Brian R. and Karen A. Hobart to Karen A. Hobart, County House Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Florence N. and Leon S. Brubacher to Florence N. and Leon S. Brubacher, Hayes Road, Starkey, $0.
Alison Price, Andrew Mayer Ash and Nancy Fingar to Jan and William Scott, South Lake Road, Middlesex, $37,000.
Hunt Family Farms LLC, Joyce H. Hunt, Arthur C. Hunt ind. mbr. to Loren S. and Tammy L. James, Jerusalem, $500.
Mahlon R. Hoover to Julia S. Shirk, 3566 East Muck Road, Potter, $110,000.
Robert Warner Cody Estate, John R. Cody adm., to John R. Cody, 2743 Pulver Road, Italy, $0.
Ronald H. Sutherland Estate, Frank B. Iacovangelo adm. cta. to Sharon S. Frost, Bruce D, Richard A. and Todd W. Sutherland and Joan E. Wagner, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $0.
Joseph Grossman and Land Rudy to Linda J. and Philip J. Bracht, 77 Charles St., Dresden, Torrey, $280,000.



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