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Yates deed transfers for July
YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between July 1 to July 31, 2009, follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Gladys Forsyth to Lloyd Z. and Marie S. Nolt, PreEmption Road, Starkey, $119,500.
Karla and Neil M. Fogler to Len Amato and Donna Baran, 1270 Italy Valley Road, Italy, $145,000.
James L. Moon to Diana W. and Donald A. Schneider, 119 Garfield Ave., Milo, $27,000.
William R. Cloyd to Debbie A. Daniels, Weatherby Road, Italy, $0.
Erwin W. Dinehart, Betty L. Dinehart POA, to Linda L. Sargent, Jerusalem, $0.
Kevin T. Bailey, Brian K. Hawley and Stephen R. Heller to Kevin T. Bailey, Michael P. D’Abbracci and Stephen R. Heller, 202 Main St., Milo, $11,000.
Marika Ohryn Randazzo ind. ex. to Carolyn A. and Max A. Parson Jr., 2778 Wager Hill Road, Jerusalem, $175,000.
Gladys Forsyth to Elaine E. and Walter L. Hoover, Huff Road, Starkey, $40,500.
Brenda K. and Jeffrey E. Williams to Elia S. and Eliana Mastor, Route 54, Barrington, $386,000.
Margaret L. Ball to Jon J. and Kim Bagley, Main Street, Potter, $75,000.
Linda G. Harvey to Jon J. and Kim Bagley, Ferguson Corners Road, Potter, $55,000.
V.D. Partnership to Charles and Sharon Ellis, 1655 Route 14 Spur, Torrey, $40,000.
Helen W. Toohey to Michael F. Toohey, Shannon Corners Road, Starkey, $0.
Michael F. Toohey to Matthew T. Lochner, Shannon Corners Road, Starkey, $75,000.
Ralph P. Caschetta Estate, Ralph C. Caschetta ex. to RC3 Woodlands LLC, Italy, $0.
Marjorie W. Scherer to Terry M. Scherer, Torrey, $0.
James L. Caternolo to Angela R., James L., James M. Caternolo and Lisa McCormick, Chaplin Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Marilyn L. James, Roger F. and Ronald H. Peck to Judith L. Jones, 71 Charles St., Dresden, Torrey, $68,900.
19 Property NY Inc., Aisha Ajayi, Richard Byron, Douglas Corey, Brian and Cinnamon Feight, James Holmes, Erik W. Jensen, Bonnie L. Percy treas., Mi Pollack, Michael J. Pollack Jr., Barbara K. and James J. Tuttle, Yates County Treasurer to County of Yates, Barrington, $0.
Sarah Mills to John R. Grabski II, Pulver Road, Jerusalem, $100,000.
Joan M. Carpenter to Erica J. Verdehem, 1628 Toomey Road, Benton, $50,000.
Jeffrey J. Folkins to Mary C. Angerame, Yatesville Road, 3604 Tinney Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Mary Rector to Ecogen Wind LLC, 3040 Emerson Road, Italy, $80,000.
Elizabeth M. Dann to Enid and Peter N. Littman, David and Marianne Lubin, 894 E. Lake Road, Barrington, $635,000.
Patricia S. Cipro to Joseph M. and Michelle M. McCue, Middlesex, $240,000.
Margo L. Kelly to Emily M. and Luke S. Dennis, Ray Crosby Road, Barrington, $0.
Emily M. and Luke S. Dennis to Etta W. and Lloyd R. Stauffer, Ray Crosby Road, Barrington, $110,000.
Linda S. Smith to Branchport Properties LLC, 3477 Route 54A, Jerusalem, $75,000.
Ronald F. Bierwiler, Todd MacIntosh ex., to Bremen, Jessica and Sylvia Bierwiler and Kelley MacIntosh, Milo, $0.
Jane E. Gerstner, Mary Jane Gerstner ex., to Anna B. and Lloyd M. Hoover, East Swamp Road, Potter, $72,000.
Marlene H. Guild to Eileen N. and William E. Knauss, 415 North Ave., Milo, $125,000.
Gayle M. Felice to Anthony Felice, 646 Oliver Road, Torrey, $0.
Yates County Habitat for Humanity to Gail M. Haight, 3334 Skyline Drive, Jerusalem, $55,800.
Carol A. Chester and Michael E. Rusinko to Mark W. and Patricia L. Pascucci, Torrey, $280,000.
Katherine E. and Richard J. Henrie to Michael P. Lusk, Highlands Drive, Italy, $157,000.
Grace B. Dean Estate, Jo Ann Gee to Margaret Ann Breckenridge, Milo, $0.
Craig M. and Joanne G. Miller to Suzanne M. Blackburn, 952 E. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $360,000.
Shirley A. Sisson, Brendan L. Gilbert and Jeane M. O’Donnel ex. to Chad J. Allison, Liberty Street, Milo, $32,000.
Betty A. Hansen to Courtney M. and Eric M. Brown, Merritt Hill Road, Jerusalem, $146,000.
Scott E. Mason to Patricia J. and Scott E. Mason, Route 14A, Benton, $0.
Mary A. Bolton to Michael and Susan Daly, 264 E. Lake Road, Middlesex, $107,113.
Mary A. and Richard H. Bolton to Michael and Susan Daly, 262 E. Lake Road, Middlesex, $107,887.
William J. Ward to James R. Palmer Jr., Potter, $56,500.
Judy E. Debay, John E. and  John Richard and Marjorie Newlander to Janet B. Moon, 404 Court St., Milo, $110,000.
Barbara L. Burke, Joan L. de Graff and John G. R. Lewis to Donald F. and Donna M. House, PreEmption Road, Benton, $50,000.
Laurie A. and William L. Henderson III to Kathleen S. Can Schiack, 4267 Parrish Hill Road, Italy, $85,000.
Donald Ian Massecar and Janet B. McLeod to Linda M. and Neil G. Alexander, Starkey, $65,000.
Melissa A. and John L. Stenzel to John L. and Melissa A. Stenzel, Route 364, Middlesex, $0.
Jacqueline and Salvador F. Leccese to 90 East Lake Road LLC, East Lake Road, Middlesex, $0.
Yates County DSS to Juanita and Kenneth H. Dombroski, McElwee Road, Milo, $25,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Edward H. Webb, 303 Clinton St., Milo, $103,600.
Gary Rech to Carol J. Correnti Trust, West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $197,000.
David J. Capone Jr. to Michaela and Patrick Willson, Stape Road, Benton, $85,000.
Hannah B. Johncox to Abigail J. and Winton R. Buddington, Torrey, $80,000.
Joan Carroll to Patricia J. Phillips, Rushville-Ferguson Corners Road, Potter, $0.
Patricia J. Phillips to Carl M. Johnson and Patricia J. Phillips, Potter, $0.
George M. and Shirley Kern to Laurel A. and Vernon C. Larson Jr., Williams Hill Road, Jerusalem, $210,000.
Lawrence J. and Lisa A. Saubermann to Lawrence J. Saubermann, Torrey, $0.
Robert G. Frusci to Robert J. Frusci, Italy, $0.
Gary E. Nelson to Elam B. Hoover Jr. and Karen L. Martin, Route 230, Barrington, $51,500.
Small Business Loan Source LLC to 101 North Avenue Corporation, North Avenue, Milo, $251,000.
Darlene R. and Francis M. Smith to Mary A. Bolton, 245 Martin Road, Italy, $2,900.
Floyd D. Lane to Dale E. and Gloria J. Birdsall, Howard Davis Road, Jerusalem, $104,166.
Kathleen A. Marchense to Sharon K. Paulchel, Burns Terrace Extension, Milo, $105,000.
Amber E. Budd and Andrew R. Mowrey to Amber E. Budd, 149 Stark Ave., Milo, $0.
Amber E. Budd to Thomas E. Barron and Martha Gold, 149 Stark Ave., Milo, $105,000.
Martha Stettinius to Scott A. Vura, Starkey, $308,150.
Diane R. and Stephen J. O’Brien to Craig M. and Joanne G. Miller, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $350,000.
John C. Magee Sr. Estate, John C. Magee Jr. adm. to Gerard Grasso, Route 14, Starkey, $36,000.
Deborah L. and Gerald D. Tiffany to Gerald D. Tiffany, Harvey Road, Potter, $0.
Deborah L. and Gerald D. Tiffany to Deborah L. Tiffany, Harvey Road, Potter, $0.
Roland J. Harrison Estate, Mary L. Tousley ex., to Nathan H. Horning, Havens Corners Road, Benton, $0.
Donald F. and Donna M. House to Jeffrey T. Allen, Benton, $250,000.
Karl H., Karl J. and Kyle J. Czymmek to Laurent J. Knafo, 348 E. Elm St., Milo, $41,000.
Karl H., Karl J. and Kyle J. Czymmek to Laurent J. Knafo, 120 Brown St., Milo, $24,000.
Mary Lou B. and Philip C. Kron to The Philip C. Kron Revocable Trust and the Mary Lou B. Kron Revocable Trust, Middlesex, $0.
Gayle M. Felice to Anthony Felice, Quit Claim Deed, 646 Oliver Road, Torrey.
Patrick B. Elias, Catherine Elilas ind. A17 and Michael Loeloff to Michael Loeloff, Michael, Catherine, Christopher, Jason, Jonathan and Patrick B. Elias, 486 E. Lake Road, Milo, $0.

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