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Yates deed transfers for June

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office for June 2010 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Cheryl A. Passaarella to Brian and Lauren Hisch, Upper Hill Road, Middlesex, $113,000.
Alice M. Miller to Teresa M. Kennedy, Italy Valley Road, Italy, $88,659.
Annetta W. and Mahlon H. Shirk to Ellen H. and Taitus H. Shirk, Route 230, Barrington, $30,000.
Jerry B. and Paula M. Gapp to David and Machelle Carman, Starkey, $0, correction deed.
David and Machelle Carman to Jay E. and Kimberly P. Wilcox, Starkey, $230,000.
Mary D. and Richard Magsamen to East Bluff Marina, Inc. East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $300,000.
Anna M. and Eugene N. Hoover to Lillian Z. and Nelson Z. Hoover, Lakemont-Himrod Road, Starkey, $293,225.
Annetta W. and Mahlon H. Shirk to Anna M. and Eugene N. Hoover, Route 230, Barrington, $183,000.
Darlene M. Schwartz to Sarah Prince, Church Street, Middlesex, $77,500.
Alan B. Comstock to James W. Zimmerman.
Ethel N. and John I. Burkholder to Kendall M. and Verna Joyce Burkholder, 2463 Himrod Road, Milo, $450,000.
Timothy I. Hansen to 11 Lakes Hop Farm, LLC, Hansen Point Road, Torrey, $28,240.
Marc A. and Meredith K. Race to Lisa M. Williams, Lawrence Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $110,000.
Brian W. Thayer to Jody L. Nielsen and Brian W. Thayer, Briggs Road, Milo $0.
Stephen L. and Ruth Ann J. Nolt to Stephen L. Nolt, Himrod Road, Milo, $0.
Gerald D. and Jane L. Williams to Edward P. and Lauren J. Nast, East Lake Road, Barrington. $625,000.
Mary E. Dillon to Edward B. and Elva Z. Zimmerman, County Route 103, Barrington, $25,000.
Daniel S. and Helen C. McMullen, John D. and Helen McMullen co. ex. and Donald R. and Rosemary Wilson, co. ex. to John D. McMullen and Rosemary Wilson, Milo, $0.
Option One Mtg. Loan Trust 2001-4 and Wells Fargo Bank NA TR to Stonecrest Income & Opportunity Fund I, LLC 3434, 6020 Wolfganger Road, Middlesex, $0.
Christine and James West Brewer to James Brewer, 6020 Wolfganger Road, Middlesex, $0.
Earl W. and Mary R. Horst to Mahlon R. Hoover, 3566 East Muck Road, Potter, $104,000.
Sanford D. and Barbara A. Lapp Living Trust to Joseph Allan May and Bonnie May Milliman, Starkey, $0, correction deed
Joseph A. May and Bonnie May Milliman to Joseph A. May and Bonnie J. May Milliman, Starkey, $0, correction deed.
Matt T. Farrell and Lizabeth Shertz to Michael, Lizabeth and Michael Shertz, 989 East Lake Road, Barrington, $0.
Elizabeth Rogers to Jillian L. Hoad, Putnam Road, Starkey, $128,000.
Richard Van Keuren to Dana M. and Ella W. Hoover, Italy Friend Road, Jerusalem, $58,000.
Sylvia S. Thayer to Brian W. Thayer, Jerusalem, $157,000.
Richard D. Nageldinger to Megan Warren and John Rogers Jr., Crystal Springs, Road, Barrington $66,000.
Harrison B. and Nancy C. Hall to Esther L. and John B. Earle, Jerusalem, $489,000.
Sarah M. and William B. Erickson to William B. Erickson, Italy-Friend Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Ronald H. Dean to Jayson E. and Jodi M. Dean, 1789 Toomey Road, Benton, $48,000.
Esther W. and Nelson B. Sensenig to Casey L. and John W. Busch, Dundee-Glenora Road, Starkey, $68,283
Darlene A. Gentils to James L. and Janet C. Childs, Starkey, $52,900.
James R. Robinson to James R. and Jacquelyn J. V. Robinson, County House Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Rebecca A. and Robert D. Fitzgerald to David F. Shaw, Jerusalem, $14,000, quit claim deed.
Beverly I. and Roland P. Penta to Coach & Equipment Manufacturing Corp., Milo, $10,000.
Dana L. Limperis Becker to John A. Keidel, Champlin Road, Jerusalem, $50,000.
John A. Keidel to Young Men’s Christian Assoc. of Greater Rochester, Champlin Road, Jerusalem, $15,045.
James F. and Sharon E. Stamp to Marc A. and Meredith K. Race, Baker Road, Milo, $135,000.
Alan R. Whitney to Lake Keuka Conservation Cub, Guyanoga Road, Jerusalem, $28,000.
Susan K. McPherson, Anne E. Minns, Sylvia A. Spoor, Craig A. and Jill E. Wager to Dan E. and Kathleen Brammell, 54 Route 54, Milo, $299,000.
Klemens Leskolvics to Brent L. Gage, Simmons Road, Potter, $0.
Judith O. Boutwell to Karen M. and Robert E. Pinneo, Route 14A, Benton, $180,000.
Kenneth W. Zimmerman to Brian P. Santora, Guyanoga Road, Jerusalem, $75,000.
Jon J. Bagley to Rachel S. Bush, 38 South Main St., Rushville, Potter, $95,400.
Ruth M. and Samuel B. Stolzfus to E. James and Lydia F. Martin, Milo, $189,000.
Benjamin Z. Shirk to Lena M. and Samuel B. Shirk, Benton, $75,000.
Benjamin A. Shirk to Benjamin B. and Lydia R. Shirk, Havens Corners Road, Benton. $150,000.
Charlene Connors and Thomas D. Woodhams, Joseph Dressner, esq., ref. to Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, 1255 South Lake Road, Middlesex, $65,000.
Gloria Woodard Estate, Robert H. Woodard Jr., ex. to Nolan Dean, Harpending Avenue, Dundee, Starkey, $32,500.
Mitch Lehman to Bradley J. Donavan, South Avenue, Penn Yan, Milo, $88,000.
James R. Harris to Nancy A. and Michael J. Pollack Jr., Barrington, $8,000.
Finger Lakes Health Foundation to Pauline A. and Robert F. Logan, Franklin Street, Penn Yan, $15,000.
Dorothy M. Sands to Arthur C. and Joyce H. Hunt, Italy Hill Road, Jerusalem, $190,000.
Robert W. DeWick, Mildred DeWick Ind. POA to Mildred DeWick, 1507 Pre Emption Road, Benton, $0.
Zoran Basick and Two Kids Trust of 2002 to Doreen Inzalaco, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $0.
Vernelia L. Spanton, Marilyn J. Allen ex. to Joan M. and John A. Pipher, Perry Point Road, Torrey, $373,000.
Benjamin H. and Kelly A. Welsh to Ethan Joel and Jolynn M. Sensenig, County House Road, Jerusalem, $278,000.
Alice R. and John A. Harvey to Jane M. and Mark R. Sozanski, 89 Emerson Cove, Benton $170,000.
Steven McMichael to Tiffany R. Trombley, 3203 Esperanza Road, Jerusalem, $150,000.
Pablo A. Meza to Raymond G. Patterson, 4705 Route 245, Italy, $74,430.
Patrick L. and Rae Jean Coon to Casey L. and John W. Busch Jr., Bellona Station Road, Benton, $59,500.
Kevin T. Bailey, Brian K. Hawley and Steven R. Heller to Kevin T. Bailey and Brian W. Thayer, Benham Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $20,659.11.
Paul E. Roe to James D. and Susan L. Simmons, Toomey Road, Benton, $0.
Catherine and John J. Lindner to Dorothy M. Sands and Kelly M. Smith, 150 Youngs St., Penn Yan, Milo, $72,500.
Robert D. Andrews to Priscilla B. and Robert D. Andrews, Dundee-Starkey Road, Starkey. $0.
Heidi Lynn and Joseph Statkus to Joseph E. Gibson, 57 Cornelia St., Dresden, Torrey, $109,000.
Nancy M. and Philip L. Bailey to Barbara Y. and Glenn A. Cole, West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $575,000.
Keuka Housing Council, Inc. to David and Virginia Starkey, Ogden Street, Penn Yan, $105,000.
Kimberly R. and William Powell Barwell to Danny K. Shipman Jr., Shay Road, Middlesex, $97,000.
Ellen M. Arthurs to Melody Clark, 3 Spring St,, Dundee, Starkey, $36,000.



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