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Yates deed transfers for October

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office for October 2010 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000. of consideration exchanged.
Morton International LLC to Morton Salt, Inc., Milo, Starkey, Torrey, $0.
Denise M. Canfield to Christopher V. Canfield, 4821 Sunnyside Road, Italy, $0.
Gerald T. and Rosemary J. Dalton to Michael A. and Rosanne R. Dalton, 515 Angus Point Road, Benton, $0.
Kathleen A. Marchenese to Phillip A. Vollmer, 115 Stark Ave., Penn Yan, Milo, $84,000..
Eileen T. Galvin to Donald R. Cannioto and Eileen T. Galvin, Starkey, $0.
Ossont Family, Jack Ossont tr. Trust to Lewis S. and Lois H. Fox, Lakemont-Himrod Road, Milo, $150,000.
Frank J. Marianacci, Inc. to Daniel T. Morse, 103 Hutton St,, Penn Yan, Milo, $150,000.
Steven E. Friebis to Katherine J. and Timothy Holszowy, Starkey, $187,900.
Donald H. and Phyllis L. Nageldinger to Laurie Corbett, Starkey, $95,000.
Beverly J. Besley to Jadwiga B. and Michal J. Niedzielski, Upson Point Road, Starkey, $75,000.
Sandra A. and Kenneth J. P. Witter II to Sofia and Thomas Kritikson, Gravel Run Road, Barrington, $150,438.
Sandra A. and Kenneth J. P. Witter II to Sofia and Thomas Kritikson, Gravel Run Road, Barrington, $79,562.
Richard H. Dixon to Donna D. Evershed and Mark A. McCobin, East Sherman Hollow Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Susan M. and Randy S. Boyd Sr., Douglas E. Rowe esq. ref. to Chase Home Finance LLC, Coleman Road, Benton, $76,780.04.
George H. McEneany Estate, Mary Jane McEneany Hutton, ex. to Helen M. McEneany Appell, 1256 Main St, Middlesex, $0.
Judith J. Eskildsen and Kathy Swarthout to Andrew F. and Kathy J. Swarthout, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $200,000.
Judith H. Eskildsen and Kathy Swarthout to Kathy J. Swarthout, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem $342,950.
Judith J. Eskildsen and Kathy Swarthout to Judith J. Eskildsen, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $62,950.
The Gilbert Family LLC, Barbara A. Kost to Marcia K. and Timothy M. Pease, Jerusalem, $115,739.
Alverna and Robert Miller to Deborah A. and Michael S. Arington, Route 54A, Jerusalem, $155,000.
Norma H. Pealer Estate, William W. Pealer E. to Daniel G. and Jennifer M. Zeigler, Route 54, Torrey, $116,400.
Charles C. and Helen Carol Smith to Jo Ellen and Richard F. Cronin, East Lake Road, Barrington, $399,000.
Christopher M. McKenna to George O Jensen, Benton, $59,000.
Richelle J. and Mark S. McGreal Jr. to Mark S. McGreal Jr., 13 Grant Ave., Penn Yan, Benton, $0.
George O. Jensen to George O. and Sharon Jensen, Benton, $0.
Willliam M. Kamell Estate, Sylvia B. Kamell, ex. to Sylvis B. Kamell, 6404 View Board Road, Middlesex, $34,226.48.
Craig A. Strassner to Jay R. and Mark Strassner, Starkey, $0.
Daniel T. Morse to Daniel T. and Rebecca L. Morse, Clinton Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
Susan T. Hart to Nance M. Francisco, 118 Sheppard St., Penn Yan, Milo, $51,000.
Lisa B. and Patrick J. Krossber to Chad M., Jennifer P., Jessica B., Mark P. and Stephanie R. Krossber, Bigelow Avenue, Dundee, Starkey, $0.
Bruce and Joan M. Carpenter to Jayson E. and Jodi M. Hoover, 124 Pre-Emption Road, Benton, $25,000.
Gina Trask, Leslie A. Roff esq. ref., to Blaine L. and Doris A. Strauser Living Trust, Blaine L. Strauser, tr., Seneca Street, Dundee, Starkey, $127,962.29.
Bruce G. Borglum to Yates County, Pre-Emption Road, Benton, $1,088.
Larry C. Lawson to David A. Bunnell and Olaf U. Lieberg, 5414 Route 14, Starkey, $170,000.
Sara H. and Titus H. Nolt to Irene S. and Nathan L. Nolt, Swarthout Road, Torrey, $69,760.
Kimberley N. Muehe to Joshua M. Gross and Jennifer M. Knibloe, Bassett Street, Rushville, Potter, $102,000.
William C. Butcher and Antonia Shusta to Butcher Management Trust, Corbin S. Butcher tr., Route 54, Barrington, $0.
Andrew R. and Joanne B. Stevenson to Timothy L. Rattray, Morrison Road, Jerusalem, $18,000.
Kenneth D. Cole to Deborah L. Laursen, 1656 Toomey Road, Benton, $0.
Deborah L. Laursen to Michael J. Castner and Rebecca Laursen Castner, Sisson Road, Milo, $0.
Yates County to Ervin S. and Lena H. Sensenig, Milo, $21,100.
Joyce I. Walrath to Seneca Lake Wine Trail Corp, Fir Tree Point Road, Starkey, $156,000.
Jacqueline M. Potter and Mary J. Socola to Shelley Carrier, Emerson Road, Italy, $60,000.
Penelope S. and Richard A. Hansen to Sandra C. and Thomas N Hansen, Middlesex, $475,741.75.
Diane L. Alexander, Barry L. Alexander ex. to Bertha F. and George Havens, 501 Clinton St., Penn Yan, Milo, $95,000.
Enid and Peter N. Littman to David and Mariann Lubin and W3T, LLC, Barrington, $0.
Thomas W. McCann to Middlesex Baptist Church, West Avenue, Middlesex, $30,000.
Thomas W. McCann to Debra A. McCann, West Avenue, Middlesex, $0.
Nelson Survivors Trust, Richard G. Nelson and Kathy J. Donaldson, tr. to Rohit Mirchandani, Route 14, Torrey, $245,000.
James W. and Mary Anne Wilson to Craig H. and Joanne M. Jones, Country Estates, Milo, $243,000.
Linda A. Basett to Carol A. and Samuel C. Aruck, Italy Friend Road, Jerusalem, $74,000.
Hazel and J. Edgar Emerson Jr. and Elaine Nesbit to Elaine M. and Wesley E. Nesbit, Pultney Road, Italy, $40,607.70.
Joseph B. Wingate Estate, Bonnie Percy, adm. to Donna J. and William T. West, Route 14, Torrey, $32,000.
Stephen Achilles to Jennifer L. Achilles, 1680 Brown St., Bellona, Benton, $0.
J. Brian Legg to M. Gayle Stoner, 471 East Lake Road, Milo, $14,725.
Matthew J. Mitchell to Douglas and Judy McCabe, 321-323 Clinton St., Penn Yan, Milo, $150,000.
Debra L. Dickinson to Eileen M. and Kenneth F. Farnan, 2735 Gray Road, Barrington, $130,000.
Durwood A. and Terry A. Lounsberry to Julia and Rufus Shirk, 2174 Friend Road, Jerusalem, $112,000.
Ossont Family Trust, Jack D. Ossont, tr. to Dale A. and Floyd D. Lane and Mitchell A. Lehman, Lakemont-Himrod Road, Milo, $127,000.
Patti Andersen, Shari J. Folts and Doreen Jensen to Keuka Leasing LLC, 2402 Havens Corners Road, Benton, $63,000.
Thomas R. Cooke to Laura G. Paulsen, 415 State Route 14S, Benton, $255,000.
Vicky C. Sloth to Kimberley N. Muehe, 37 Gilbert St., Rushville, Potter, $30,000.
Jean M. and Timothy G. Welch to Dennis T. Karalow and Melanie M. Steinberg, 302 Clinton St., Penn Yan, Milo, $265,000.
Sandra K. and Willilam R. Orr, Jr. to Daniel T. Morse, 504 Liberty St., Penn Yan, Milo, $75,000.
James A. Townsend, Anne T. Salisbury and Mary E. Sujan, ind. co. ex. to Christopher T. and Joan M. Johnson, Crescent Beach, Jerusalem, $555.
Yates County to Carol G. Chase, Milo, $4,524.08.
Yates County to Alvin S. Shirk, Potter, $15,800.
Yates County to Vicky Sloth and Jeffrey Smith, Middlesex, $2,728.30.
Yates County to Towner Living Trust, Barbara A. and Terry L. Towner TR, Benton, $12,555.
Paul C. Nelson Estate, Floyd E. Nelson and Joyce A. Slocum adm. and Willard Earl Nelson to Klaas U. and Mary Howell R. Martens, 868 David Downey Road, Torrey, $65,000.




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