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Yates deed transfers for Sept. 1 to Oct. 7

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between Sept. 1 through Oct. 7, 2009 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Floyd D. Lane to Suzanne M. Yonts, Townsend Road, Milo, $12,000.
Larry J. Meyer to Mark P. and Matthew F. Tette, East Swamp Road, Potter, $133,000.
Michael P. D’Abbracci to Michael P. and Stephanie A. D’Abbracci, East Main Street, Milo, $0.
Brenda L. and Jerry A. Monroe to Jerry A. Monroe, Old Route 14, Starkey, $0.
Joyce A. and Richard E. Dixon to Joyce A. Dixon, Starkey, $0.
Kenneth Wright Jr., Valerie G. Gardner, esq. to Secretary of HUD, 2205 Ellis Road, Barrington, $58,166.
L. Paul Dailey to Bert L., Donald A., Jeffrey A., Joanne D. and Marcia K. Dailey and Sheralyn J. Fox, E. Elm Street, Penn Yan, $0.
David J., Ida M., Ronald A. and Robert M. Schiek, ind. POA to Laura J. Kudla and Scott A. Snyder, Torrey, $0.
Laura J. Kudla and Scott L. Snyder to Carol A. Chester and Michael Ruskino, Torrey, $215,500.
Dave E. Webster to Dina M. and Scott J. Wilcove, 260 W. Lake Road, Jerusalem, $255,000.
Anne T. Salisbury and Mary E. T. Sujan to William H. Bohnert, Crescent Beach, Jerusalem, $747.
Anne T. Salisbury and Mary E. T. Sujan to Stewart L. and Victoria S. Van Buren,  Crescent Beach, Jerusalem, $1,170.
Anne T. Salisbury and Mary E. T. Sujan to Joseph and Marilyn C. Miran, Crescent Beach, Jerusalem, $771.
Kathleen M. Wheeler to Michael A. Castelluzzo and Kathleen M. Wheeler, Jerusalem, $0.
Joan M. Winters to Joan Margaret Winters Trust, W. Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Paul J. Estro to Angela M. and Jeffrey S. Champlin, Bridge Street, Starkey, $125,531.
Suzanne M. Wakley to Bernard D. and Suzanne M. Wakley, 3344 Skyline Ponds Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Karl H. and Mary J. Czymmek to Chad J. Allison, 134-136 Sheppard St., Milo, $16,000.
Karl H. Czymmek to Chad J. Allson, 27 Champlin Ave., Milo, $10,000.
Arthur A. Richer to Chris A. and Lisa L. Kerrick, Campbell Road, Potter, $13,500.
Mary F. Rogers to Gary N. French, Old Pines Trail, Jerusalem, $75,000.
James R. and Sandra L. Waters to Mary Merucci, 3517 Route 54A, Jerusalem, $185,000.
Anne T. Salisbury and Mary E. T. Sujan to Arlene H. Starsmore, Crescent Beach, Jerusalem, $603.
Sanford D. and Barbara A. Lapp Living Trust to Joseph Allan May and Bonnie May Milliman, Starkey, $500.
Joseph A. May and Bonnie May Milliman to Joseph A. May and Bonnie May Milliman, Starkey, $0.
Deborah A. Dailey to Georgianna Dailey, Hollister Street, Starkey, $0.
Michelle P. and Richard W. Mapes to Kevin and Kimberley Royston, N. Vine Valley Road, Middlesex, $24,900.
Steven Leo DeWandel to Susan Bennett and Denise DeWandel, Mothersell Road, Potter, $0.
Dorothy M. Newkirk to Audrey and Robert J. Faulkner, Dunn Road, Italy, $0.
Floyd D. Lane to Joseph T. and Ann S. Halmi, County Estates Road, Milo, $50,000.
David C. and Patricia Sharon Criss to Dawn M. and Robert A. Troy, Florence Avenue, Milo, $106,000.
Darlene R. and Francis M. Smith to Kevin A. Duby, 222 North Ave., Benton, $12,000.
Dorothy P. Wheeler, Kathleen A. Carruthers Wheeler, Keith R. Wheeler, A17 POA ind. to Kathleen A. Wheeler, Starkey, $0.
Robert M. Dann, Ronald A. Yorio agent to Irene M. and Terry Weand, E. Lake Road, Barrington, $345,000.
David A. Shepardson to Lisa Marie Wood, 38 Bigelow Ave., Starkey, $59,000.
David D. Clancey to Jennifer Allen and David D. Clancey, Fenno Road, Starkey, $0.
Virginia A. Lead to Linda J. and Shawn M. Thompson, 1833 West Ave., Middlesex, $108,000.
Connie and George Cator to Virginia A. Lead, 1205 Upper Hill Road, Middlesex, $132,000.
Herman J. Walz to CDY Holdings LLC, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $565,000.
Phyllis Lyness to Sara R. Moravec, Garfield Avenue, Milol, $90,000.
Secretary of HUD to Casey L. Busch, Old Route 54A, Jerusalem, $31,500.
Betty M. and F. H. Cobby to Clare L. and Donald L. Fenner, Ingram Road, Potter, $200,000.
Arthur W. and Susanne E. Gable to Owen D. and Patricia Marjama, 19 Buttonwood Lane, Starkey, $223,000.
Ada S. and Mahlon Z. Horning to Leonard Z. and Marie Z. Martin, Potter, $65,914.
Philip Wager to Staci Dayton and Steven Wager, Old Lake Road, Milo, $0.
Thomas A. Trause and Nancy A. Zook to Steven Bauman and Gail E. Fink, 1689 Long Point Beach Road, Torrey, $75,000.
Jason R. Catlin to Anna H. and Ivan W. Martin, Friend Road, Jerusalem, $30,000.
Christopher M. and Julie E. Hawk to Michele I. and Stephen G. Griffin and Thomas J. Ivory, 757 E. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $279,000.
Barbara Mortensen, Karl Mortensen ind. A17 to Linda S. and Michael P. Rademaekers, Jerusalem, $10,000.
Tonya L. Gennocro to Norman A. Rugg Jr., 46 Milo St., Torrey, $0.
Jerry J. Cadwell and John C. Cronin to Judy R. Marsh, Vine Street, Starkey, $24,700.
Charles Yautzy to Cheryl A. and Michael S. Ray, 73 S. Main St., Potter, $0.
Cheryl A. and Michael S. Ray to Keuka Housing Council, 73 S. Main St., Potter, $0.
Mark A. Ives and April A. Smith to Amos N.  and Sarah H. Hoover, Starkey, $70,000.
Gertrude V. Jacobs to Kathryn E. Garrison, 842 Route 54, Torrey, $72,500.
David L. and Lawrence B. Morse to John R. S. Crook, Jennifer G., Jessica E. and Travis E. Morse, Karen C. Prior and Heather K. Rugg, West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Joyce K. and Neil J. Simmons to Kurt Kurz, 124 Sheppard St., Milo, $8,000.
Catherine M. Nielsen to Ella Z. and Leroy S. Hurst, PreEmption Road, Starkey, $147,000.
Lucia Anne Wheeler to Sally Mukherjee, Susan Oliver and Kathleen M. Wheeler, Indian Pines, Jerusalem, $0.
James M. Ryan to Gillian V. and James M. Ryan, Route 14, Torrey, $0.
Josef G. and Shari S. Brodmann to Timothy L. McMichael, Skyline Drive, Jerusalem, $10,307.01.
Donald L. and Stanley R. Speers to Franklin C. Johnston, Buckle Road, Barrington, $28,000.
Renee A. Clarke to Calvin and Josi Curtice, 2595 Pulver Road, Italy, $6,500.
Emily E. Fleishman to Patricia A. Halpen, 3071 Shay Road, Italy, $75,000.
Chester P. Tuttle Jr. to Marsha A. and Chester P. Tuttle Jr., Jerusalem, $0.
Christopher M. and Julie Hawk to George M. Murphy, East Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $44,000.
Dale W. and Pamela M. Welker to Caroline E. Swarthout, 947 Hopeton Road, Torrey, $100,500.
Patricia A. Brilli and Robert J. Reidt to Katarzyna and Michael Kieli, Torrey, $514,000.
James E. and Sharon M. Hill to Sandra A. Cox, Elizabeth Street, Starkey, $70,000.
Earl R. Martin Jr. to Michael L. Harris, Mothersell Road, Potter, $50,000.
Eleanor J. and J. Jeffrey Stempien to Barbara A. and William E. Pringle, Cedar Street, Keuka Park, Jerusalem, $2,500.
Deutsche Bank  Trust Co., Americas TR CSTDN to Deutsche Bank National Trust co. tr., Saxon Asset Securities Trust, Bigelow Avenue, Starkey, $0.
Deutsche Bank National Trust co. tr., Saxon Asset Securities Trust to David and Kristen Bellin, Bigelow Avenue, Starkey, $50,900.
Jeffrey A. and Michael C. Morehouse Jr. to Jason D. Elliott and Dale H. Morehouse, Clinton Street, Milo, $60,000.
Yates County to James R. Harris, Barrington, $4,000.
Yates County to Mary J. and Todd T. Sotir, Barrington, $5,202.
Richard T. Gillespie to Donald A., Robert E. and William D. Gillespie, East Sherman Hollow Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Marshall and Susie Mae Todd to Sarah J. Todd-Rood, Milo, $0.
Marshall and Susie Mae Todd to Julie A. Bouton, Route 14A, Milo, $0.
Charles Voisy and Judith Disbrow-Voisey to Lakeview Mental Health Services Inc., 173 Main St., Milo, $90,000.
James B. and Susan A. Parker to Jeffrey Breuer, Milo, $110,000.
Joyce A. Netski-DeMello to Joyce Netski-DeMello Trust, Jerusalem, $0.
Judith and Thomas Beecher to Sonya and Thomas Beecher Jr., Starkey, $35,000.
M. Elizabeth Dann to Andrew J. and Susan W. Desorbo, Dutch Street, Barrington, $140,000.
Diane and Henry Sciarabba to David J. and Dawn M. Merrow, 6125 Italy Valley Road, Italy, $40,000.
Georgianna Dailey to Jerry Cadwell, Hollister Street, Starkey, $28,000.
Erin Y. Will  to Donald M. Will, Milo, $0.
David R. Stote to Jay Halbak, Italy, $55,000.
Kathy A.  Hathaway to Deborah Munter and Michael Wilcox, 2539 Shanty Plains Road, Jerusalem, $95,000.
Karl H., Kyle and Mary Joyce Czymmek to Karl H. and Mary J. Czymmek, 4491 Route 364, Potter, $0.
Nicholas A.  Shirghio Jr. Trust, Nicholas A. Shirghio Jr. ind. tr. to James and Tamara Kelleher, 850 E. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $1,200,000.
Margaret M. Hartwell to Joyce Nagle, Outlet Road, Milo, $30,000.
Giles Stores, Inc. to Dundee Holdings, Inc., 11 Water St., Starkey, $465,000.
Gregory S. Morgan to Nicole K. and Shawn A. Gardner, 124 E. Lake Road, Milo, $590,000.
Yates County to Laurent J. Knafo, Milo, $6,000.
Yates County to Laurent J. Knafo, Milo, $1,200.
Yates County to David Ferry and Anne Marie Guthrie, Middlesex, $16,000.
Yates County to Gary Polisseni, Middlesex, $10,000.
Elfriede and Reinhard Mohr to Cilinia M. Booth, Barrington, $2,900.
Wendell P. and Kim Frock Weeks to David L. and Susan I. Morse, Milo, $550,000.

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