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Yates deed transfers from July

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office for July 2010 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Carol R. and Thomas L. Kehoe to Kehoe Family Trust, Carol R. and Thomas L. Kehoe, TR, Toomey Road, Benton, $0.
Allen and Edith Parry to Robert Cleveland, 451 East Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $375,000.
Kathleen P. Hinson Trust and Ronald L. Hinson Trust, Kathleen P. Hinson and Ronald L. Hinson to Jessica L. Demetros, 128 Burns Terrace, Milo, $157,900.
Esther L. and John B. Earle to Adele S. Middaugh, 2774 Wager Hill Road, Jerusalem, $129,900.
Amy S. Scofield to Timothy G. Scofield, 3216 Route 364, Benton, $0.
Barbara W. and Karl W. Fuge Jr. to Laurie Anne M Bailey, 478 East Lake Road, Rushville, Middlesex, $525,000.
Dorothy M. and John H. Buonocore Jr. to Joyce K. and Neil J. Simmons, Culver Hill Road, Jerusalem, $30,000.
Secretary of HUD to Kimberley N Muehe, 14 Bassett St., Rushville, Potter $61,200.
Carol Dunn, Carl Herrman and Amanda Thomas to Kelly A. and Mark Wojtkowiak, 43 Red Cedar Land and Lakeview Road, Starkey, $83,000.
Sheila A. and Vincent P. Forlenza to Vincent P. Forlenza, Haley Hill Road, Barrington, $0
Karen K. Kamfjord to Karen V. Kamfjord Trust, Karen V. Kamfjord TR, Middlesex, $0
Richard E. Luce to Alan S. and Christine M. McCarthy, Milo,m$580,000.
Jennie Larder to Douglas W. and Hazel L. Lewis, Barrington,  $30,000.
Beverly A. Bergstresser to Ellen Z. and Norman W. Zimmerman, Havens Corners Road, Torrey, $125,000.
Elizabeth C. Emerson, Paul and Roger A. Emerson Co. Ex. to  Harold C Best, Potter, $0
Alfred L. Streppa to Raymond C. Dell Jr., 100 Old Pines Trail, Jerusalem, $556,000.
John J., Mary K and Partricia A. Sulllivan and Nancy J. Tracy to Andrew H. Sensenig, Hoyt Road, Milo, $115,000.
Paul J. Amo, Carole G. Chase, Barbara Crow, Regina Dalton, Richard Kenyon, Erwin P. Kenyon Trust, Charles N. King, Barry L. Lawrence, Betty J. and Lewis J Payne, YC Treasurer Bonnie Percy, Vicky Sloth, Jeffrey Smith, Twix Pines LLC, to Yates County,  $0
Hilda and Kenneth E. Austerman to Roland R. Harrison, 11131 Route 14A, Benton, $70,104
John C. Cronin to Joan E. and Vernon H. Dillon, Plum Point Road, Milo, $38,000.
Frederick G. and Stephen A. Eskildsen, Lois A. Hall to Paula Edelmann, Route 14, Torrey, $7,200.
Helen L. Smith to Kenneth J. Smith, Italy, $0.
Barbara B. and Roldrigo Alconero to Barbara B. and Rodrigo Alconero, Esperanza Road, Jerusalem, $0
Allen L. and Angela J. Ingraham to David L. Reeve, Italy Valley Road, Italy, $5,000
Chad J. Allison to Marla and Earl Makatura Jr., Stark Avenue, Milo, $75,000
Barbar Carol Garthard, Bruce Douglas Swanson, Robert J. Swanson II, Ind AIF and Beverly Jean Eddinger Ind AIF to Beverly A. Bergstresser, 101 Grace Street, Milo, $105,000.
Frances F. and Joseph E. Bourcy to Frances F. and Joseph E. Bourcy, Milo, $0.
Steven W. and Tammy J. Hullings to Shanna Fiorucci and Brandon Opalich, Pulver Road, Italy, $34,900.
FC Organic Vineyards LTS to Timothy V. Johnson, Hall Road, Milo, $16,250
Gerald A. Dykeman to Paul H. Dykeman Jr., Fair Oaks Avenue, Jerusalem, $0.
Yates County to village of Dundee, Hollister Street, Starkey, $0.
Village of Dundee to Architectural Concrete Plus, LLC, Hollister Street, Dundee, Starkey, $5,000.
Todd J. Devinney to John J. Bagley, Vine Valley Road, Middlesex, $50,000.
Margaret S. Barber Trust, Marilyn Barber TR to Marilyn Barber, Jerusalem, $0.
Susan D. Roder to town of Benton, 123 PreEmption Road, Benton, $0.
Point Five Development Penn Yan LLC to Dale A. Lane and Mitchell A. Lehman, Keuka Strreet, Milo, $115,500.
Wilma V. Duke, Mary Ann Holmes, Audrey Janicki, Diana Prattico, Jacob H. Versendaal, Timothy Holmes, TR to Dorothy L. Versendaal, 10 Sunset Ave., Milo, $60,000.
Mark Lewis Spencer, David K. Ettman, Esq. Ref. to Secretary of HUD, 1253 Main St., Middlesex, $62,856.21.
David G. Patterson to Wade L. Spicer, Fir Tree Point Road, Starkey, $415,000.
Herland W. Bouwens Jr. to Amanda M. and David M. Menken, 4965 Knapp Road, Middlesex, $140,000.
Donald R. and Kim A. Harris to Kim A. Harris, 560 Liberty St., Milo, $0.
Nancy and Ronald Wagner to Ronald Wagner, Starkey Point Road, Starkey, $0.
Steven W. and Tammy J. Hulllings to Katherine E. and William J. Leonard, Pulver Road, Branchport, Jerusalem, $14,900.
Martha J. Morris to John D. Morris Living Trust, John D. and Martha J. Morris, TR, Starkey, $0, correction deed.
Irmgard Rumsey to Deidre M. and John E. Anchorstar, 118 Ulster Road, Milo, $89,500.
Allen Bollinger, Marco and Vittorio D Teberio to Wanda J Fish and Rex J Hunt, Italy. $87,500.
Marco Teberio to Wanda J. Fish and Rex J. Hunt, 5527 Highlands Drive, Italy, $15,000.
Matthew John Burkholder to Jennifer L. and Matthew John Burkholder, Hollister Street, Dundee, Starkey, $0.
David M., Debra J., Thelma M. Burkholder, Thelma M. Musser to Jennifer L. and Matthew John Burkholder, Juniper Point Road, Starkey, $0.
Joseph R. and Linda H. Hanna to Keleen A. and Kenneth M. Weaver, 3125 Brown Hill Road, Jerusalem, $190,000.
Brendan A. Henehan to Keleen A. and Kenneth M. Weaver, Brown Hill Road, Jerusalem, $18,000.
Dorothy and Robert L. Griffin to Lisa Walker, 1826 West Ave., Middlesex. $92,000.
Alan B. Comstock to Ben H. and Wes B. Comstock, Jerusalem, $0.
Lewis F. Doan to Alan F., Gary L. and Neil R. Doan, Milo, $0.




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