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Yates deed transfers from May to June

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between May 18 to June 30, 2009 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000 of consideration exchanged.
Terence A., Randall Lee and Kevin Charles Pyfrom to Terence A. Pyfrom, 2320 Tom Campbell/Northrup, Jerusalem, $1.
David R. Firmstone to Allison J. and David R. Firmstone, Lake Road, Torrey, $0.
Laura A. and Robert W. Pearce to Ecogen Wind LLC, correction, 2950-2960 Emerson Road, Italy, $0.
Joyce M. Koss Estate, Linda Cowell ex. to Leverne C. Koss, Indian Pines, Jerusalem, $0.
Burton J. and Jacqueline G. Ellis to Aaron E. Martin, Main Street, Dresden, Torrey, $85,000.
Gerald A. and Linda E. Nissen to Amber L. Schmidl, Lincoln Avenue Addition, Milo, $0.
Daisy B. and Robert H. Heller to Daisy B. Heller, West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Diane E. DeLooza to Kevin T. Bailey and Stephen G. Griffin, Main Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $47,000.
Alta R. O’Connor to Curtis P. and Elaine L. Pauzenga, 306 Clinton St., Milo, $92,000.
Judith L. Jones and Richard Milczarski to Timothy B. Scutt, Franklin Street, Milo, $88,500.
Susan L. Lynch to Massam, Inc., 512 E. Lake Road, Milo, $625,000.
Jennifer L. Schaffstall to James A. and Jennifer L. Schaffstall, Torrey, $0.
Nancy J. and Rodger L. Francis to Angel Feria Reyes, 340 Elm St. Ext., Milo, $133,500.
Carol A. and Gary W. Gray, Kelly A. Gilman A17 to Maureen B. and Richard G. Cook, 14 Route 54, Milo, $480,000.
Leonard B. and Linda H. Martin to Barbara Ann and Webster N. Martin, Route 14A, Milo, $345,000.
E. Louise Durfee Estate, Axel H. Jensen, to Kahla M. Dombroski and Milford L. Mast, Sheppard Street, Milo, $73,500.
Paul A. Brown to village of Dundee, deed of dedication—sewer and/or water system located and situated in streets and/or public easements for subdivision known as New Beginning Subdivision, Starkey, $0.
James and Marilyn Vanthof to James and Jeffrey R. Vanthof, Italy Hill-Friend Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Patricia A. Mitchell to Wallace F. Mitchell, Putnam Road, Starkey, $0.
Wallace F. Mitchell to Erik B. and Rebecca J. Pollack, Putnam Road, Starkey, $133,000.
Christine C. and Colby J. Petersen to Jennifer L. Morris, 131 Walnut St., Milo, $95,744.
Wilbur Allen and C. Joyce Deery to Wilbur Allen and C. Joyce Deery, correction deed, Tom Campbell Road, Jerusalem $0.
Curt and Virginia Albertalli to Caryn and Richard Birchenough, Rock Haven Beach, Torrey, $375.
Stephen A. and Tammi M. Mackerchar to Ashley M. and Brian H. Lewis, Bell Road, Potter, $145,000.
Richard L. Axtell to Terry Dillon, Starkey, $0.
Lewis G. Thompson to Lewis G. and Phyllis Thompson, West Swamp Road, Potter, $0.
John W. and Pamela Blanpied to Amy Bach and John Markman, Vine Road, Jerusalem, $134,000.
Jean and Daniel Paddock Jr. to Terry L. Mott, 5885 S. Vine Valley Road, Middlesex, $125,000.
K. Ryan Marchenese to Illuminated Endeavors LLC, Bare Hill Road, Middlesex, $99,500.
Todd J. DeVinney to Jaime L. and Timothy W. O’Donnell, Middlesex, $0.
Jacqueline L. and Wayne A. Cosh to Florence and Leon Brubacher, Hayes Road, Starkey, $245,000.
Dale and Patricia A. Davis to Linda A. and Roy L. Weidler, Jerusalem, $10,000.
Larry and Valerie Pfaltzgraf to Thomas Godziala, 360 Burke Hill Road, Italy, $32,000.
Christine C. and Colby J. Petersen to Charene A. and Lee Hibbard, 131 Walnut St.,  Milo, $1,850.
Ruth Soules to Yvonne M. Seely, 187 South Ave., Milo, $0.
Linda and Ronald Feinberg to Linda Feinberg Trust and Ronald Feinberg Trust, 327 Maple Drive, Benton, $0.
Terry K. Nesbit to Kelley S. and Terry K. Nesbit, Stever Hill Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Secretary of  HUD to Ivan Ray Zimmerman, 2771 Goodwin Hill Road, Barrington, $32,002.
Eleanor Lightfoote Living Trust to Amanda L. and Travis L. Grover, Guyanoga Valley Road, Jerusalem, $40,000.
Stacey M. Richards to Amanda J. and James S. Hayes, 343 Elm St., Milo, $90,000.
Dawn L. and Michael Rossi to Dawn L. Rossi, 122 Burns Terrace, Milo, $0.
Judith Beecher to Judith and Thomas Beecher, Starkey, $0.
Julie M. and Jarius C. Gilbert Sr. to Edward Gilbert, Bath Road, Barrington, $0.
Ruth A. Dean to Sharon J. and Terry W. Webster, Indian Pines, Jerusalem, $75,000.
Marian H. Nugent, Paul V. Nugent Jr., ex. to Craig and Susan P. Hohm, Coates Road, Jerusalem, $25,000.
Susan L. Lynch to Nancy A. and Rodney M. Roe, Milo, $0.
Yates County Sheriff Ronald G. Spike to Nancy A. and Rodney M. Roe, Milo, $0.
Craig L. and Linda J. Chisom to Nathaniel Henderson and Katie Martens, Lovejoy Road, Benton, $115,000.
Roxanne Brown to Nancy C. Peelle, 18 Harpending Ave., Starkey, $91,000.
Anita L. and J. Edgar Emerson Jr. to Susan H. and Wayne M. Hoover, 3575 Prosser Road, Jerusalem, $220,000.
Mary Kay Lewis to Perry M. Saraceno, Milo, $375,000.
Harry W. and Patricia Hammermueller, Mary Beth Barnet esq. ref. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 235 Italy Hill Turnpike, Italy, $0.
Chris A. and Wendy M. Wilson to Ellen and Patrick Maloy, Main Street, Starkey, $65,000.
William N. Cook to Richard P. Yohonn, Italy-Friend Road, Jerusalem, $48,000.
Raymond D. and Rose M. Mangan to Carol H. and Stephen F. Clendenin, Rapalee Road, Milo, $140,000.
Midfirst Bank to Jon J. Bagley, 34 S. Main St., Rushville, Potter, $8,000.
Hazel and J. Edgar Emerson Jr. to Elaine M. Nesbit, Italy, $0.
Bryan and Lillian Decker to Judy Allen and Darlene R. Martinez, Sheppard Street, Milo, $62,000.
Americo J. and Natalie Cerasani to William E. Mehls and Patricia E. Neprud Mehls, 1137 S. Lake Road, Middlesex, $285,000.
Stanley H. Clark to Jackquelyn N. Taylor and Keith E. Woodard Jr., 79 Hollister St., Starkey, $75,000.
George R. Bauchard, William A. Halbert and Ronald D. Spoor to William A. Halbert and Ronald D. Spoor, Elm Street, Milo, $0.
Yates County Sheriff Ronald G. Spike to Gary H. and Susan K. Riopko, Milo, $0.
Frederick J. Hill Jr. Estate, Frederick J. Hill Sr., Beth E. Hill adm., Benno Deetz esq. ref. to Secretary of HUD, 3098 Route 54A, Jerusalem, $43,108.60.
C. Denise Yarbrough to Renee Morris, Keuka Park, Jerusalem, $101,000.
Joan G. Strong Trust, Harry M. and Joan G. Strong tr. to Harry M. Strong Trust, Harry M. and Joan G. Strong tr., E. Lake Road, Milo, $0.
Madeline and Norriss F. Crane to JLR Ventures, Inc., Sunnyside Road, Italy, $245,000.
Tracy A. Kaple and Loretta J. Rossman, Valerie G. Gardner esq. ref. to Secretary of HUD, 122 Brown St., Milo, $73,825.87.
Smith C. Hoose to Rose Hammond-Hoose, Lower Friend Road, Jerusalem, $27,000.
Clara M. Pinckney to Donnette L. Boucher and Adrian Joel Pinckney, Himrod-Lakemont Road, Starkey, $0.
Lance C. McFetridge to Alta H. and Leroy H. Hoover, Milo, $450,000.
Terry Abbott to Angela D. and Chad Drucker Sr., Guyanoga Road, Jerusalem, $40,000.
Joan M. Flynn to Heidi Brown and Ryan D. King, Hill Street, Rushville, Potter, $110,000.
Christina L. Culver to Steven M. Culver, 2511 Route 354, Benton, $0.
Robert J. Fischer to Christopher J. and Margaret E. Cadden, West Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $210,000.
Casey and John Busch to Valerie G. Gardner, East Main Street, Milo, $130,000.
John W. and Pamela W. Blanpied to Amy Bach and John Markman, Vine Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Kurt M. Owen to Todd M. McMinn, Florence Avenue, Milo, $70,300.
Neil G. Pritchard, Robert W. Zimmerman esq. ref. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Clinton Street, Milo, $160,023.24.
Joan Carroll to Patricia J. Phillips, Rushville-Ferguson Corners Road, Potter, $7,500.
Beverly Northrup to Beverly Northrup and Douglas A. Bergstresser, Chestnut Street, Milo, $0.
Paula F. Carruthers to Xiaodong Fu, 566 E. Lake Road, Milo, $290,000.
Linda H. Hanna to Amy Bach and John D. Markman, 874 E. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $81,000.
Jason S. and Marian H. Fox to Anita L. and J. Edgar Emerson Jr., 3579 Sid White Road, Jerusalem, $175,000.
Lyle W. Westfall to Randy L. Andrews, Barrington, $10,000.
Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs to Dean W. Easling, 1428 Milo Center Road, Milo, $47,500.
Gary M. Smith to Jane A. and Terrance H. Bartholomew, Torrey, $57,000.
Lorrie S. Howell to Gregory H. Blessing, 114-116 Main St., Milo, $0.
Arthur R. Thomas, Raymond L. Thomas A17 to Rachel R. Ames, 26 Edwina St., Starkey, $44,681.
Mary Ellen and Richard R. McPhee, Kelly A. Gilman A17 to Donald and Marcella Burkard, E. Lake Road, Middlesex, $61,500.
C. Anne Glazzard, Andrea M. Mansfield, Mary Gay Sebring McCormick, B. Peter, John Cole and Timothy J. Sebring to Claribels Vision, LLC, 850 E. Lake Road, Barrington, $0.
Max A. Parson Jr. to Wendy D. Bailey, 209 E. Elm St., Milo, $76,000.
Stuart M. and Getrude O. Meech Living Trust, Sandra Rath tr. to Karen R. and Thomas C. Hetherington, 6060 Spike Road, Middlesex, $65,000.
Louis A. Falvo to Lisa M. Falvo, 450 E. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $0.
Lisa M. Falvo to John F. Dugan and Lisa M. Falvo, 450 E. Bluff Drive, Jerusalem, $0.
Louise H. Finger, Terry D. Finger ex. to Lindsay M. Bilodeau and Scott A. Butler, Seneca Street, Dresden, Torrey, $88,000.
Evelyn A. and Jack M. Drumm to Drumm Family Wealth Trust, Evelyn A. and Jack M. Drumm tr., Prosser Road and County Road 75, Jerusalem, $0.
Paula Carruthers to Margaret W. Muffley, 565 E. Lake Road, Milo, $255,000.

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