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Yates deed transfers, March 18 to April 30

    YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between March 18 to April 30, 2011 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000. of consideration exchanged.
    Eileen P. and John W. Randall to April E. and David D. Dawson, 7811 East Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $280,000.
    Ronald J. Kransler Estate, Paul Arnold, Fiduciary, Karen Woodcock and Patricia Young to Scott Washburn, 214 Hamilton St., Penn Yan, Milo, $100,000.
    Roy K. Maynard to Gregory M. Booth, 4114 Belknap Hill Road, Jerusalem, $18,000.
Yates County to Tammie L. Hansen, Torrey, $4,438.56.
    Etta W. and Lloyd R. Stauffer to Marilyn R. Shirk and Loren S. Weaver, Ray Crosby Road, Barrington, $110,000.
    John Laurino to David B. Hemenway and John Lauring, Milo, $0.
    Bruce D. and Karen G. Kirk to Bruce D. and Karen G. Kirk Trust, Bruce D. Kirk and Karen G. Kirk co tr.
Donald E. Ferguson Estate, Duane Ferguson adm. to Duane and Andrea Diane Ferguson and Thomas F. Martin, Town Line Road, Middlesex, $0.
    Andrea Diane and Duane Ferguson and Thomas F. Martin to Duane Ferguson, Town Line Road, Middlesex, $0.
    Barbara Merritt to Annetta B. and Paul N. Hoover Jr., Chubb Hollow Road, Barrington, $62,000.
Pearl Pentycofe to Richard Pentycofe, 3767 Brink Hill Road, Italy, $65,000.
    Payne Living Trust, David B. and Susan M. Payne ind tr. to Lisa N. Primavera and Michaael H. Salama, 5598 Dutch St., Barrington, $585,000.
    Aaron Z. and Ruth R. Weaver to Aaron Z., Carolyn H., Nelson H. and Ruth R. Weaver, 338 Route 14A, Benton, $117,650.
    Crisa V. and Theodore P. Katsampes to James E. Smith, 873 Serenity Road, Penn Yan, Torrey, $130,000.
    Joanne M. Gilbert to David J. Gilbert, 132 Seneca St., Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
    Donna J. Davis, Dale V., Darlene A. and Richard L. DeWitt to Eugene L. Nolt, 5133 Old Bath Road, Barrington, $245,000.
    Douglas J. and Truddy M. Howles to Howles Family Trust, Stephen D. Howles tr., 430 East Lake Road.
Steve W. and Tammy J. Hullings to Louis F. and Maria S.J. DeCicco and Franck J. Weakland, 2063 Pulver Road, Italy, $12,500.
    Lisa C. Knapp to Alyce H. and Frank J. Kenney, 3240 DeLooza Road, Benton, $153,500.
    Sec’y of HUD to Chad J. Allison, 130 Hamilton St., Penn Yan, Milo, $56,000.
    Lynn Nachrtieb and Lucy Reed to Lucy Reed, 140 Lane Road, Naples, Italy, $0.
    Jeffrey S. and William C. Angell to Jeffrey S. and William C. Angell, 5635 East Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $0.
    Rose Marie Brundage to Vine View Farms, LLC, Middlesex, $0.
    Dorothy Migliore to Benjamin J. Migliore and Dorothy A. Migilore Trust, Mary Migliore Kesler tr., Jerusalem $0.
    Kenneth R. Christensen Sr. to Viking Land, LLC, 680 East Lake Road, Barrington, $0.
   Sylvia J. Cadwell to Scott H. and Timothy E. Cadwell and Joylyn C. LeShure, Route 14A, Barrington, $0.
    James Morrow to Jacquelyn Isgro, 4826 Sunnyside Road, Naples, Italy, $9,500.
    Frederick G. and Stephen A. Eskildsen and Lois A. Hall to Harvey H. and Minerva S. Leid, City Hill Road, Torrey, $145,000.
    Bruce W. Morgan to Nora Morgan, 1139 East Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $0.
    Harpending Housing, Inc. to Janice J. and Wayne A. Christensen, Cornwell Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $90,000.
    Christopher Lane to Diane M. Macaluso and William G. Tasker, Vine Road, Jerusalem, $46,000.
    Harold L. and Mary F. Pedder to Edward L. and Judith E. Hicks, Jerusalem, $0.
    Marie Helen Hoffman to William C. Rought, Warren Road, Middlesex, $10,000.
    Margaret Prendergast to Carol A. Breuer, 1813 Route 14A, Benton, $108,150.
     P&E Mihm Associates LTD to Michael A. Geddis, Starkey, $18,500.
    Aaron M. and Lena M. Martin to Ivan L. and Lois N. Zimmerman, Culhane Road, Benton, $813,207.
    Lundquist 1996 Living Trust, Eric G. and Muriel S. Lundquist tr. to Bradley A., Cindy Lea and Steven B. Quale, 5628 Water St., Middlesex, $35,000.
    Curvan Z. and Mary B. Garman to Gerald Z. and Marlene H. Martin, East Swamp Road, Potter, $2,500.
   Cynthia S. and Kenneth J. Cooper to Adam A. Farley, Route 247, Potter, $94,595.
    Home Sales, Inc to Nathan Riehl, 455 North Main St., Penn Yan, Benton, $34,501.
    Floyd S. Adams Living Trust, Keith F. Adams, tr. to Keith F. Adams, Midlesex, $0.
    Ejner Christensen Estate, Lois J. Christensen ind. tr. to Scott P. Falvey, Lovejoy Road, Benton, $0.  Deed correction
   Catherine and Frank Salacuse to Etta L. and Raymond R. Zimmerman, Torrey, $275,000.
    Donna J. Davis, Dale V., Darlene A. and Richard L. DeWittto to Randell L. and Ruth A. Reiff, 5140 Old Bath Road, Barrington, $240,000.
    Leonard G. Dimon to Marion D. Weisse, Old Pines Trail, Jerusalem, $192,000.
    Kathleen Campanelli and Laurie, Robert Hopkins, Helen and Robert Meyers and Kathleen Shaw to Beth A. and Peter A. Bird, 765 East Lake Road, Barrington, $400,000.
   Douglas and Kelly Christensen to Douglas Christensen, Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
    Catherine J. Cannariato and Mary D. Driesch to Dianna L. and Richard E. Allen, Barrington, $549,010.
    Peter T. Lansbury to Lansbury Family Trust, James Lansbury, tr., Jerusalem, $0.
    Brian J. Blackman to Suzanne M. Hibbard, Route 54A, Jerusalem, $0.
    Elizabeth A. and James E. Smith to James E. Smith, Torrey, $150,000.
    Eldeen C. Fox Estate, Darren R. Fox to Pamela Mashewske, Grant Avenue, Penn Yan, Benton, $0.
Bruce S. and Leslie K. Cutler to Kimberly Buttonow and Nancy Sadecki, Jerusalem, $0.
    Adrienne J. and John P. Stempin to Seneca Lake Wine Trail Corp, Fir Tree Point Road, Starkey, $67,000.
    Terry L. and Wallace S. Stewart to Jane A. Arnold, Jerusalem, $434,000.
    Anna F. Decker to Diana C. and Lorenz K. Lehner, 10 Northview Dr., Penn Yan, Jerusalem, $174,000.
     Blades Real Estate LLC to Lee J. Cook, Route 14A, Milo, $85,000.
   Shelly Burnstein to James A. Waugh, Old Bath Road, Milo, $101,064.
    John Hart to Gadi Granth LLC, Lake Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $325,000.
    Jennifer L. Bates to Michael G. Bates, Italy Friend Road, Jerusalem, $0.
    Margaret A. and Robert H. Jarecke to Margaret A. and Robert H. Jarecke Jr., 237 Route 54, Milo, $0.
    Ross Harris Invertments LLC to Benjamin Skinner, 42  West Lake Road, Branchport, Jerusalem, $7,000.
John W. Burritt to Bobbie Ann Harris, 214 Florence Ave., Penn Yan,
    Bernard E. Hines to John W. Burritt, Ellis Road, Barrington, $90,000.
    The Gilbert Family LLC, James R. Carey AIF, Peter Jacob Darsch and Patricia G. Keane Mge., Barbara A. Kost to Janet B. and John L. Reese, Jerusalem, $171,000.
   Shirley P. Warren to Anna C. and Thomas C. Gowen, 3070 County House Woods Road, Jerusalem, $75,000.
    Shaver Living Trust, Arlene H. Shaver tr. to Carl H. and Lisa M. Berna, 1 Country Court, Penn Yan, Milo, $134,900.
    Shirley E. and Frank Bezek Jr. to Shirley E. Bezek, 138 East Leach Road, Torrey, $0.
    Dominic J. Owen and Shelly L. Vezzose to Dominic J. Owen, 989 Route 14A, Benton, $0.
    Ann L. Alolertgon, Dorothy Dinehart, Rosemary Sisson and Dominic A. Versage to Derrick Podsiadlo, Henry Street, Penn Yan, Mio, $50,000.
    Mary C. Beers, Barbara K. Franzese ex. to Barbara K. Franzese and Mary A. Little, Starkey, $0. Correction deed
    Barbara K. Franzese and Mary A. Little to Glenora Wine Cellars, Inc., North Glenora Road, Starkey, $75,000.
    Judith B. Chesley and Judith B. Mullins to VICO Properties LLC, 219 Cherry St., Jerusalem, $105,000.
    Arthur Frederick Legg to Arthur Frederick Legg Trust, John Brian Legg, tr., 111 Henry St., Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
    Arthur C. and Joyce H. Hunt, Hunt Family Farms LLC to Caroline Boutard Hunt and Jonathan P. Hunt, 4021 Italy Hill Road, Jerusalem, $0. Correction deed.
    William B. Erickson to Suellyn Sanderson and Shannon S. Sobolewski, Italy Friend Road, Jerusalem, $9,180.
    Linda J. and Richard P. Wheeler to Benjamin T. and Christina M. Thorp, Shannon Corners Road, Starkey, $120,000.
    Douglas G. and Shari K. Reynolds to Edward J. and Julie M. Dix, West Lake Road, Jerusalem, $975,000.




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