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Yates deed transfers Sept. 23 to Oct. 26

YATES COUNTY—Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk’s office between Sept. 23 and Oct. 26, 2011 follow. The listing includes the location and amount of consideration calculated from the transfer tax. Transfers are taxed $4 for every $1,000. of consideration exchanged.
Thomas W. Lewis to Bradley M. Conover, Franklin Street, Dundee, Starkey, 85,000.
Margaret S. Long and Shelley C. Griffith to Shelley C. Griffith, Mill Streeet, Middlesex, $0 correction deed.
R. Jeanne Smith, Susan S. McCormick ex. to Benjamin F. Galens and Maria M. Hoover, 2054 Bellona Station Road, Benton, $94,000.
James R. Loree to Kenneth H. and Pauline B. Weaver, 1442 Earls Hill Road, Benton, $450,000.
Roxanne D. Christensen to Chad W. Burnham and Barbra L. Gleason, 444 North Main St., Penn Yan, Benton, 124,000.
Allen L. Smith to Allen L. and Elizabeth Ann Smith, 4342 Bootes Road, Potter, $0.
James W. Zimmerman to James W. and Roseane H. Zimmerman, 2026 Ingram Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Dale A. and Floyd D. Lane and Mitchell A. Lehman to Joan M. and Stephen R. Washburn, Main Street, Dundee, $65,000.
David R. Lortz, David R. and Michelle Lortz co ex. to Michael J. Monahan, Knapp Road, Dundee, $74,500
James P. Ingram to James P. and Johnna D. Ingram, Benton, $0.
James H. Hoag III to Mark L. and Mary E. Whitmer, Route 14, Starkey, $46,248
Jennie F. Meinen Estate, Heman A. Fowler ex. to Deborah L. and Joseph W. O’Brien, Starkey, $245,000.
Trevor L. Sutherland to Corrie L. Van Demortel, 120 Youngs St., Penn Yan, Milo, $115,000.
James A. and Judy Rector to Old Mill LLC, 5395 Sunnyside road, Middlesex, Italy, $3,600
Mary Rose to Mary Rose Trust, Mary Rose tr., North Glenora Road, Starkey, $0.
Michael J. Monahan to Jenna Hojnowski, Indian Pines, Jerusalem, $93,500
Donna A. Daugherty to Donna A. and Richard A. Daugherty, Belknap Hill Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Paul E. Ferrier Revocable Deed of Trust Paul E. Ferrier tr. and Wanda T. Ferrier Revocable Deed of Trust, Wanda T. Ferrier tr. to Seneca Lake Wine Trail Corp, Fir Tree Point Road, Starkey, $150,000.
Mervin H. and Rosalie H. Newswanger to Isaac H. and Lucy B. Hurst, Route 14A, Milo, $150,000.
Charles J. Petroski to Daniel P. and Teresa V. Gersbach, West River Road, Middlesex, $15,000.
Matthew J. Reed to Kendra J. and Matthew J. Reed, Benton, $0.
Beverly and William Morley to Janice A. Coble, Bridge Street, Dundee, Starkey, $75,000.
Ellen Z. and Norman W. Zimmerman to Jason W. and Mary Jane Zimmerman, Travis Road, Torrey, $100,000.
Glenn D. and Kristine M. Huels to Household Finance Realty Corp NY, 5225 Knapp Road, Middlesex, $259,416.02.
Barbara A. Crumb to David Crumb, Jerusalem, $0.
Linda M. and Ronald P. Johnson to Joseph C. and Sandra E. Marino, 1555 Route 14A, Benton, $81,000.
Jeffrey Snyder to Brian J. Rapalee, Route. 54A, Jerusalem, correction deed, $0.
Darlene A. Cronk to Gregory and Jeffrey L. MacDonald, Jerusalem, $225,000.
Dwayne Eldon Tischler Estate, Laurie A. Tischler, adm. to Carol A. and Thomas A. Fiorilla, Starkey Road, Starkey, $10,000.
Bertha H. and Curvin M. Stauffer to Lydia M. and Moses Z. Horning, Route 14A, Benton, $229,000.
Jagadeesh and Roopa J. Hathwar to Jai Sri Ram LLC, Starkey, $0.
Robert M. and Sally Coupal to Lucky 13 Management LLC, 5550 Sunnyside Road, Middlesex, $0.
Robin E. and Edward F. Wojcinski Jr. to Tina M. Roberts, Crawford Road, Starkey, $88,500.
Casey L. and John W. Busch to Lorrene S. and Samuel W. Zimmerman, Dundee-Glenora Road, Starkey, $74,000.
Willard G. Quin Estate, Susan Q. Holbrook ex. to Rachael L. Gerbic, Wolfganger Road, Middlesex, $97,500
Gail M. Haight to Yates County Habitat for Humanity, 3334 Skyline Dr., Jerusalem, $7,041.41.
Ann C. and John L. Shultz to Lance B. Strong, Chubb Hollow Road, Milo, $73,000.
Randy King to Shanna Fiorucci and Brandon Opalich, Pulver Road, Italy, $17,500.
David R. and Matthew J. Royka to Mark R. Royka, Potter, $42,358.
Joanne M. Prescott to Pamela A. Werner, 874 Timberland Trail, Middlesex, $150,000.
James M. and Jane L. Gates to Robin J. Wilson, 3085 Esperanza Road, Jerusalem, $104,000.
Barbara B. and Rodrigo Alconero to Celeste M. and Raymond N. Lewis, Esperanza Road, Jerusalem, $230,000.
Ethel E. and Stephen P. Hampsey, Stephen P. Hampsey AIF, to Kevin D. Munt, 125 Sheppard St., Penn Yan, Milo, $50,000.
Francis T. Sweeney to Catherine M. Bell, Millard Street, Dundee, Starkey, $0.
Charlotte A. Wytias to David H. and Nancy F. Middleton, Jerusalem, $450,000.
Heidi Bauer to Rene Gignac, 3 South Main St., Rushville, Potter, $60,000.
Donna Rae Cianciotto Estate, Philip Cianciotto ex. to Trust UW Conna Rae P. Cianciotto, 3815 Severne-On-Seneca, Milo, $0.
Mitchell Lehman to John R. Hanson, Lincoln Avenue, Penn Yan, Milo, $59,360.
Gary R. and Nancy L. Gross to Charles H. and Geraldine France, Main Street, Dundee, Starkey, $289,000.
Paula Edelmann to Mary Joan LeClaire, Long Point Beach, Torrey, $0.
Gary Johnston to Arlene E. and Stephen H. Corey, Lincoln Avenue Addition, Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
Leslie H. Schaus and Alexander C. Schaus Jr. to Margueriet C. Fenton and Elizabeth Temple Truax, Milo, $0.
Robert Eugene and Charles Raymond Brewer III and Virginia B. Trenchard to Virginia F. and Charles Raymond Brewer III, Starkey, $45,000.
Francis E. and Sandra Kase to Gail W. and Thomas D. Langdon, Robeson Road, Middlesex, $64,500.
Yates County IDA to Finger Lakes Railway Corp, Clinton Street, Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
Finger Lakes Railway Corp to Francis B. Townsend, Clinton Street, Milo, $10,000.
Dale R. Christensen to Dale R. and Roxanne D. Christensen, Briggs Road, Benton, $0.
Brian J. and Matthew J. Harris to Ellen R. and Steven M. Fazio, 738 East Lake Road, Barrington, $227,500.
James Lester to Nancy Brice, Patricia Ann Grady, David and Timothy Lester, 606 Penn Yan East Lake Road, Milo, $0.
Pamela Rector Trust, Pamela Rector tr. to Penn Yan Hospitality Group LLC, 110 Brown St., Milo, $70,000.
Ronald C. Long to Kristin M. and Ronald C. Long, Pre-Emption Road, Benton, $0.
Dorothy C. Manning to Michael E. and Peter Cornell and Lynne C. Lush, James Road, Jerusalem, $0.
Michael J. Castner and Rebecca A. Laursen to Michael J. Castner, Sisson Road, Milo, $0.
Susan W. Vorce, Alan N. Williams ex. to Catherine T. and David F. Hopkins, 119 Court St., Penn Yan, Milo, $119,900.
Michael S. Schrouder to Michael S. Schrouder, 115 Hicks St., Penn Yan, Milo, $0.
Michael J. Williams to Keuka Housing Council, Inc. 12-16 Main St., Dundee, Starkey, $135,000.
The Richard Curbeau and Bonnie Curbeau Revocable Trust, Bonnie B. and Richard J. Curbeau ind. tr. to Allan D. Gavette, 131 Burns Terrace, Penn Yan, Milo, $125,000.
Judith M. Ebert to Dana L. and Sue A. Crans, South Glenora Road, Starkey.
Brenda and Howard Nielsen and Lorie Taylor to John S. Nielsen, 1240 Route 14A, Benton, $16,989.
Deborah F. Mills to Clifton Land Company LLC, Elm Street, Penn Yan, $121,000.
Janet E. Carr, Mary F. Michalec, Mary Pat Pennell II, Sugar Shack Blueberry Farm to Mervin H. and Rosalie H. Newswanger, East Swamp Road, Potter, $469,150.
Elinor Emmick to Stephen K. and Frank D. Emmick III and Elaine E. Haft, East Lake Road, Milo, $0.
Elinor M. Emmick to Stephen K. and Frank D. Emmick III and Elaine E. Haft, Milo, $0.
Esther Fuller, Terry Blakely AIF to William P. Brown and Marion E. Zuefle, 943 Route 14, Penn Yan, Torrey, $128,000.
HIS Properties Group LLC to HIS Studio 8 LLC, 8 South Main St., Rushville, Potter, $42,000.
Jeffrey G. Tyler to Eileen M. and Kenneth F. Farnan, Moorehouse Road, Barrington, $72,250.
Leon P. Kenyon to David S. and Kelley M. Hamilton, 231 East Main St., Penn Yan, Milo, $119,000.
Harlan Associates of Spruce Creek Inc. to Christopher J. and John R. Miles and Matthew J. Mitchell, Old Bath Road, Milo, $160,000.
Carol E. and Dennis J. Swartwood to Richard J. and Sally P. Sutton, Jerusalem, $102,000.
Deborah I. Friedman and Scott E. Mackler to Dennis and Joanne T. Baxter and Christopher and Sandra Trabold, 3445 West Bluff Dr., Jerusalem, $260,000.




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