Barnes, Vickio get the votes

Nov 11, 2014 at 11:50 pm by Observer-Review

Barnes, Vickio get the votes ADVERTISEMENT

Barnes, Vickio get the votes

SCHUYLER COUNTY--District Six Legislator Phil Barnes has retained his position in the Tuesday, Nov. 4 general election. According to the unofficial election results (absentee ballots remain) posted by the Schuyler County Board of Elections, Barnes received 44.5 percent of the vote (313 votes). He beat out challengers Angeline Franzese's 29 percent (204 votes), with write-in candidates receiving 26.5 percent (186 votes), many of which went to Sylvia Fox.
Also contested at the county level was the treasurer race, which was won by Harriett Vickio with 61 percent of the votes (3,288 votes) compared to Margaret Starbuck's 39 percent (2,081 votes).
In Tyrone, Donald Desrochers defeated Richard Game for an unexpired supervisor position 59.8 percent (307 votes) to 40.2 percent (206 votes). Edward Perry Sr. was also able to secure an unexpired town council position with 55 percent of the vote (283 votes) over Mia Clemens' 41.2 percent (212 votes) and Michele Gee's 3.9 percent (20 votes).
Tom Reed prevailed in the Congressional Race against Martha Robertson Tuesday. Reed secured 67.2 percent of the vote in Schuyler County (3,782 votes) while Robertson received 32.7 percent (1,841 votes).
In Cayuta, Freeman Bischoff won a town council position with 63.1 percent (94 votes), defeating Steven Brown's 35.6 percent (53 votes). In Orange, Daniel Tiemann defeated Carol Rhoades with 64.7 percent (165 votes) to 35.3 percent (90 votes).
Statewide, Rob Astorino and Chris Moss received 61.6 percent of the vote (3,474 votes) in the race for governor and lieutenant governor in Schuyler County, beating Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul's 31.1 percent (1,751 votes). However, statewide, Cuomo and Hochul defeated Astorino and Moss with 54 percent of the vote to 40.6 percent.
Howie Hawkins and Brian Jones received 6.3 percent in Schuyler County (357 votes), while Michael McDermott and Chris Edes received 0.6 percent (35 votes). Steven Cohn and Bobby Kalotee received 0.2 percent of the vote (10 votes).
For state comptroller, Robert Antonacci received the most votes in Schuyler with 53.2 percent (2,839 votes), beating Thomas DiNapoli's 41.8 percent (2,233 votes), Theresa Portelli's 4 percent (214 votes) and John Clifton's 1 percent (55 votes). However, statewide DiNapoli defeated Antonacci.
For attorney general, John Cahill received 63.9 percent of the vote in Schuyler County (3,398 votes), beating Eric Schneiderman's 31.8 percent (1,690 votes), Ramon Jimenez's 3.4 percent (180 votes) and Carl Person's 0.9 percent (49 votes). However, Schneiderman prevailed statewide, defeating Cahill.
Those who won uncontested races include:
Carl Blowers for Schuyler County Legislative District Five.
Jagmohan Singh for Schuyler County coroner.
Benjamin Saks for an unexpired Schuyler County coroner term.
Daniel Fitzsimmons for Hector town justice.
Phil Palmesano for state assembly.
Tom O'Mara for state senate.
Robert Mulvey for supreme court justice.
The three propositions on the ballot were also approved, both in Schuyler County and statewide. The first proposition allows district lines for legislative seats to be drawn every decade by a new commission, while the second proposition permits the electronic distribution of state legislative bills. The third proposition allows the state to borrow $2 billion for school technology upgrades.





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