Schuyler opposes state Medicaid plan

Mar 15, 2023 at 11:43 pm by Observer-Review

Schuyler opposes state Medicaid plan ADVERTISEMENT

Schuyler opposes state Medicaid plan

SCHUYLER COUNTY--At the Monday, March 13, meeting of the Schuyler County legislature, nearly two dozen resolutions were passed.
Several of the resolutions focused on salary adjustments for county employees. Legislators also declared March 2023 as National Nutrition Month and March for Meals Month, noting the services in these areas provided by the county's Office for the Aging. A related resolution solidified an agreement between Schuyler County and the state to implement the Seniors' Health Improvement and Nutrition Education (SHINE) program, which is designed to increase the number of low-income older adults who receive nutrition education. The ultimate goal is to help seniors adopt healthier lifestyles and behaviors, which is expected to reduce the amount of Medicaid and Medicare spending.
Concerns with the Medicaid program have taken center stage recently as county officials consider Gov. Kathy Hochul's proposal to end a longstanding practice of sharing federal Medicaid funding with counties. During the March 13 meeting, legislators formally resolved to oppose the Governor's 2024 Executive Budget proposal to shift hundreds of millions of new Medicaid costs to local taxpayers.
According to the county, this policy shift will divert Enhanced Federal Medical Assistance Program funds that typically go directly to local governments to help hold down property taxes. The result will require local taxpayers across the state to pay up to $1 billion in new Medicaid costs. Locally, county officials expect that this change will cost Schuyler County taxpayers at least $500,000 annually and lead to a 5 percent rise in the property tax levy.
According to the resolution, Schuyler County legislators "urge the Governor to reconsider this misguided proposal, adhere to Congress' intent, and continue to share this federal funding so that we can do our part to make our state more affordable."



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