Dundee Fire Department celebrates community service

Jan 31, 2024 at 12:55 pm by Observer-Review

dundee fire department awards
DUNDEE--The Dundee Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Squad held its annual banquet to celebrate members, Friday, Jan. 26.
For last year, the department had 393 calls, 116 for fire service and 277 for emergency medical response. In total, the department accumulated 1,992 hours of training in 2023 and had 10,591 hours of documented time where volunteers were on calls, attended meetings, performed training or work hours.
Additional awards were presented to members and the community for exceptional commitment.
The fireman of the year went to Nathan Martin. He also had the most training hours with 119.3. The outstanding service award was presented to Ray Miller and Johnathon Shriver. The chief’s award went to Doug Miller. Leroy Martin won the special service award.
Two community service awards were given to Jeff Jackson and the Dundee Rotary Club. The president’s award was given to Andy Howell.
For the emergency squad, the most training hours honor went to Ken Riehl. The member of the year was Ed Allen. The driver of the year was Leroy Martin. Outstanding service honors went to Ken Riehl and John Martin.
Special recognitions went to Leroy Martin, Johnathon Shriver and Doug Miller.
Ed Allen had over 100 calls for the EMS squad and perfect attendance awards were won by Chris Miller, Doug Miller, Tracey Miller, Johnathon Shriver, Marlin Wenger and Paul Wenger.
A presentation to Glen Miller honored 50 years of service by the Firefighters Association of the State of New York.
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