Yates County announces grant awards

Mar 22, 2024 at 11:49 am by Observer-Review

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YATES COUNTY-Yates County has announced the recipients of the Yates County Natural and Recreational Resources Grant. This grant program aims to support projects that enhance and preserve the natural beauty and recreational opportunities within the county. After a review of the applications, the following projects have been awarded funding:
Penn Yan Youth Baseball and Softball (PYYBS) - Elm Street Sports Complex Improvement Project
Grant Award: $42,000
Penn Yan Youth Baseball and Softball (PYYBS) has been granted $42,000 for the Elm Street Sports Complex Improvement Project. This project aims to reduce energy consumption, demand, and light pollution by upgrading the lighting and electrical distribution at the sports complex.
Village of Rushville - Park Pavilion Project
Grant Award: $36,850
The Village of Rushville will receive a grant of $36,850 to fund the Park Pavilion Project. This initiative aims to create a dynamic and versatile space suitable for a wide range of events and performances.
Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative
Grant Award: $3,150
The Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative has been awarded $3,150. This project aims to mitigate and reduce the spread of the highly invasive aquatic plant, Starry Stonewort (SSW) from the Keuka Lake Outlet into the eastern branch of Keuka Lake.
Our Town Rocks (Village of Dundee) - Bio-Retention Streetscapes
Grant Award: $2,000
Our Town Rocks, located in the Village of Dundee, will receive $2,000 to implement Bio-Retention Streetscapes. This project aims to enhance and beautify the existing Dundee streetscapes.
The Yates County legislature congratulates the awardees and commends their dedication to the improvement and preservation of natural and recreational resources within the county.
The allocation of funding for Round 8 of the Natural and Recreational Resources Grant will be announced in Q4 2024.
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