Odessa begins water pipe replacement

Apr 04, 2024 at 02:10 pm by Observer-Review

odessa water pipes
ODESSA--In a notice to village residents, Mayor Gerry Messmer, explained the upcoming project work to replace aging water pipe infrastructure in Odessa.
Work began, Monday, March 25 on Merchant Avenue, with a second crew expected to begin on Speedway when they are available. The work will replace over 16,000 feet of water lines with all of the dated 1938 pipes slated to be replaced. Additional lines will also be replaced if engineers determined they were bad.
Phase one includes:
• Complete service lines into loops so there are no dead ends.
• Replace all fire hydrants on the new lines.
• Connect the houses on the new lines with a fresh connection.  
• Crews will be working in yards to bring brand-new water service.
Construction will start at the well house on the corner of Merchant and Speedway and proceed down Merchant to Main Street.
From there, crews will replace the entire water lines on Main Street and then the sidewalks will be completely replaced.
Phase two will start later this summer and consists of replacing the antiquated water treatment plant.
“As the mayor, I am also the project manager for the village and have already spent plenty of time on the ground this week with Vacri Construction,” said Messmer in the message. “You will see orange cones going up, equipment and piping coming in and being staged around the village. The on-the-ground supervisor will determine which streets get done and in what order. What determines this is placement of valves and length between valves and the flow of water from the well so we don’t contaminate the new lines. After the pipeline is laid, they must pressure test and sanitize the line before any services can be connected to homes.  The most efficient way to pressure test is in 1,000-foot sections, valve to valve. As each section passes the pressure test, homes will be hooked up immediately with new PEX lines right into your home.  The contractor will connect it for you, nothing for you to do but allow them into the basement. Vacri will restore all lawns, sidewalks and road sections that are disturbed by the work.  It is part of the contract, so don’t worry, you will be taken care of.”
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