Wine & Beer Supply will expand at Penn Yan site

Apr 18, 2024 at 01:27 pm by Observer-Review

Wine & Beer Supply
PENN YAN--Wine & Beer Supply, an end-to-end distributor and supplier of beverage products, has announced its expansion into Penn Yan. The company has secured a 15,000-square-foot facility at the Penn Yan Industrial Park with an option to expand further as it supports the beverage industry. Wine & Beer Supply offers a “one-stop shop” approach, offering products and services that span every step of the process, from the field to the consumer’s glass. Wine & Beer Supply eliminates the need to order from multiple vendors while providing a cost-effective alternative.
Yates County now includes more than 50 manufacturers within its borders. Wine & Beer Supply’s decision to establish a presence in Penn Yan underscores the region’s growing prominence.
CEO of the Finger Lakes Economic Development Center, Steve Griffin, expressed his enthusiasm for Wine & Beer Supply’s local branch, stating, “We are thrilled that Wine & Beer Supply has chosen Penn Yan to expand its operations. This decision further enriches our craft beverage industry and provides invaluable support to our local businesses by bringing in a reputable supplier. We eagerly anticipate their future growth within Yates County.”
The FLEDC sees Wine & Beer Supply’s expansion as a testament to the region’s appeal for beverage manufacturers and suppliers alike. With its location, supportive community, and industry network, Yates County offers opportunities for businesses seeking to thrive in the craft beverage sector.
“I am thrilled to be bringing Wine & Beer Supply’s comprehensive portfolio of products and services back home to the Finger Lakes,” said Operations Manager, Gage Oughterson. “My wife, Kelly, and I have always been passionate about the Finger Lakes beverage industry, and we couldn’t imagine a better place to open our doors than Yates County. We are excited to contribute to the growth of the Finger Lakes beverage industry and to provide a new opportunity to the businesses of the region.”
Craft beverage manufacturers and suppliers considering Yates County as their next business destination are encouraged to contact the FLEDC about programs and services designed to support business expansions, visit for more.  
For more information about Wine & Beer Supply and its expansion into Penn Yan, visit
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