Yates History Center raising funds for new building plan

May 19, 2024 at 10:23 pm by Observer-Review

Yates County History Center building
BY Samantha Lape-Kesel
PENN YAN--The Yates County History Center (YCHC), an institution dedicated to preserving the heritage of Yates County, will be constructing a new building on its campus. This project marks a significant step forward in the center’s mission to collect, preserve, interpret, and share the history of our region.
Tricia Noel, the executive director and curator of YCHC expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming facility, stating that it will aid in achieving their mission. “Having additional storage - especially a climate-controlled environment - will allow us to better fulfill our mission by providing ample and proper housing for artifacts and archival materials donated by the public,” she explained.
The new building, slated to begin construction this fall, will be a one-story structure housing exhibit areas and archival storage spaces. Sugar Creek Construction, a local company, will bring this project to fruition. Notably, due to a generous donor, the center now requires only $150,000 to complete the funding for the building project.
One of the features of the new facility will be its climate-controlled environment, which is essential for preserving historical artifacts. This aspect is particularly crucial as small museums like YCHC often face challenges maintaining ideal humidity and temperature levels in old buildings. With this new building, the center aims to control humidity and temperature, factors critical for prolonging the life of delicate artifacts, especially those made of paper.
The benefits of the new building extend beyond preservation. YCHC will be able to bring in items currently stored offsite, including large objects like carriages, boats, and ice sleds. These items will be on display for the public for the first time, enhancing the accessibility of local history.
Established in 1860, the Yates County History Center operates several historical sites, including the L. Caroline Underwood Museum, the Oliver House, and the Scherer Carriage House. The center is open Tuesday through Friday, inviting visitors to explore Yates County’s past.
For those interested in supporting this initiative, donations for the building project are welcome. Interested parties can contact YCHC at 315-536-7318 for more information. The center relies on the community’s support to continue preserving and celebrating the heritage of Yates County for generations to come.
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